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General Art Second Hunger Games Fanfic


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Feb 14, 2010
Prepare yourselves for the second fanfic in my Hunger Games Quintet. I must say, it took a lot shorter to get the correct amount of people than last time. But then again, I was not well known then. Anyway, if you wish to have a special role, check my blog. And may the odds be ever in your favor.


Ilio Vazon
Head Gamemaker

I look through the files on my desk, not even paying attention to the start of the Games. I keep on looking for one word.....Orcon....Orcon....Orcon...... Orcon had been my last name before I'd had to change it in the Capitol. Surely they'd had a record of it.

I find the Orcon file. I see my oldest son, labeled Ovino Orcon. His status was Terminated. The same with my wife, Alia, and my middle daughter, Saria. I looked at my profile, Odyseus Orcon. My status was at large. But my youngest daughter, Paige.....the sheet said unknown, only that she had stowed away pretending to be dead after having been 'killed' in the Games, and then flew the hovercraft away.

I close the profile. I listen to the intercom, and wait for my name to be mentioned. Neo Anderson to see Mr. Smith, Neo Anderson to see Mr. Smith-Would Jack Derison please see Mr. Cole.-Mr. Vazon, the President would like to see you. I get up. Finally, he's answered me.

I walk out of my room and into the president's office. President Oran gestures for me to sit down. "Your answer is?" I say, waiting. The president takes a while to respond. "It intrigues me why you are concerned about the whereabouts of Paige Orcon. Why do you care?" I think of something to say.

"It's just that.....that a tribute who escapes us should be made to suffer....I want that to happen......" The president stands up. "I will tell you all I know. She somehow digged the tracking device out of her arm and pretended to be dead. She then knocked out the pilot and steered the ship eastward. One of our cannons in District 11 knocked it out of the sky. She was never found."

I feel a mixture of emotions, relief and fear most prominent among them. So she had survived. But then she would be left to the mercy of the wild. I'm thinking about this when a small, paper-thin man of about 20 walks in with some drinks. The president smiles. "Ah, Coriolanus. It's nice to see you." He turns to me. "This is my friend, Coriolanus Snow. He's helped me in several political traps."

Snow smiles, but it looks unnatural on his lips, which look rather stretched. "Tea for you all?" he says, pouring sugar into all three cups. The president smiles, and accepts it. I look at the tea, an it seems unnaturally runny. We clink our cups together, and we drink. At least, I pretend to.

Immediately, the President falls over, clutching his throat. I rush to his side. Snow has a blank expression as the President falls still.He narrows his eyes at me as he sees I'm still alive. I reach for my gun, but I realize I left it in my office.

I look at him with hate. "You killed him," I say accusingly. He chuckles. "That cannot be proven," he says. He smiles, and I realize this was the truth. "I have one question," I say. He tilts his head. "And that is....." I look at him. "How did you survive the poison?"

He leans up close to me and I can smell blood on his breath. "Why, that's my little secret, isn't it?" He laughs, and kicks the door to the office open. I can't prove anything, which is infuriating. I can still feel the stench of his breath, even after he had left the room.
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Jul 13, 2011
Rivendell, Middle Earth
Wow! And thus, we have President Snow. :P

Great prologue! There were some spelling errors, but nothing too serious. I can't wait to see how this all turns out! :D

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Aug 18, 2009
So we are under way, can't wait till the districters start whacking each other. Districters? Lolz, sounds funny, but you know what I mean.


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Feb 14, 2010
So, now let the Games begin.

Day 1

Rio Blackpoint
District 12

I take several deep breaths in an attempt to calm myself. I'm in the Launch Room, heading up to the Arena. I close my eyes in concentration. I need to win this for my big brother. As I'm one of the younger tributes, I'm an easier target. Finally, I've reached the Arena. "Ladies and Gentlemen, let the 22nd Hunger Games begin!" We have a full minute to look at our surroundings.

I look around. We're in a meadow with a river running through it. Around the meadow, there's a swamp in all directions. The gong sounds, and I run for the Cornucopia. I manage to grab a food pack and twin swords, and then I scamper. I see fighting break out at the Cornucopia, and I'm glad I'm not there.

I don't dare look back. I keep on going in the swamp until I reach a tree that doesn' seem to fit the swamp. It's a ring of redwood trees all around the Arena. I climb up one of them until I reach a high enough branch. I look out, and then I see the boy from 5 running from somebody.

He has two spiked gauntlet, and he's panting. Then an arrow appears in his skull, and he cries out and falls over. The girl from 10, I don't remember her name, comes out. If only I had a bow. She checks him for anything good, he apparently doesn't have anything, she looks at him with contempt and leaves.

If she had seen me, I'm sure I would be dead. Fortunately, she didn't. Then the cannons begin to sound. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Ten cannons total. I rest. My strategy is the same as the boy from District 9's Ashleiy of last year. Hit, run, hide.

Finally, after hours, the sky darkens and the dead are shown. The first to appear is the girl from 2. That was unexpected, the Careers usually survive longer. Next up is both from 3. Then both from 5 and 6, the girl from 7, the girl from 8, and the last shown is the boy from 9.

Basically, nobody of any importance. I plan on winning these Games. Two 12-year olds winning in a row would be phenomanal, but not impossible. I will win these Games, no matter the cost. I'll win it for Mare. I don't let my eyes tear up at the thought of my older brother. I lie down and go to sleep.

Not as much action as the first Cornocopia bloodbath, but then again, the entire chapter was from his perspective.
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