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Spoiler PH Confusion

Okay, so when you unlock Ceilia as the Spirit of courage, she turns yellow. All the other spirits are the colors of the peice of the triforce they are soposed to represent, so why did not Ceilia turn green? Is there any reason she is yellow? Is it just so she still kind of looks like her old white self?


The Young Drifter
Jun 16, 2010
That last sentence is actually a pretty good guess. I would have said the same thing. But also remember that they are in the World of the Ocean King, and the Triforce doesn't really exist there.


Mrs. Austin
Dec 6, 2009
I think yellow is a very appropriate color for Ciela. She's upbeat and happy, emotions usually associated with yellow. Bright yellow is also often associated with stimulating intellect or memory, appropriate since Ciela's memory is a pretty big part of her story role. Also, it may just be that yellow looks better on her aesthetically, closer to the white she was before and personally, I think she looks better in yellow than she would in green.


Game Over
Nov 9, 2009
Land of Shattered Hopes
I think Ciela is white/yellow because she is unique to the other spirits. She split her soul in half and separated her memories of being the Spirit of Courage from her completely. This split may have caused her to become the white spirit she is today.

When she got her memories back, she probably didnt revert to green because;

1- the player would have been too used to seeing her as the white spirit
2- it would remove her uniqueness
3- Nintendo was too lazy to do so :P


Quid est veritas, Claudia
Feb 9, 2010
Well, what do you mean colors of the Triforce? There are no colors of the Triforce. If there would be any it would be one, gold, cause that's the color it is. But, if you're talking about the goddesses, Din - red, Nayru - blue, and Farore - green. But they don't have a whole lot to do with the Triforce. I mean sure it was left where they left the earth but there are no colors of the Triforce.
What I ment by colors of the triforce, I ment the colors of Courage (green), Wisdom (blue), and Power (red). But yea, nintendo was probably too lazy to make a green one. Some people say all you do is change the texture, but it is harder than that. Especialy for the animations of a fairy. I see why ST did not have a fairy partner now. XD


Sep 15, 2008
She's yellow because the creators intended so.
Even though you draw the Triforce on the Temple of the Ocean king, it is merely refered as a "Sacred Crest", and it's the only time it is refered to in-game.
I think that the name of the spirits being the same as the name of the triforce pieces, is just because the zelda series is pretty much built upon those 3 vallues

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