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  • Your 3DS Zelda thread made me think deeper about that eventual game and want Super Mario 3D Land even more.
    Thanks for the friend request, I could've sworn you were already on my friends list though? lol
    Okay, well I can really recommend them. They are two of the absolute best films in my opinion!
    Aha, I understand. Well good luck in trying to not spoil too much!

    I saved my money, so I've actually pre-orderd the Skyward Sword bundle. :) So I'll be getting the bundle package on the 18th of November.
    Yeah I don't want to spoil too much either, but what the heck! I can't resist to get some of the grand information! :D
    I'm doing good as well. Looking forward to Skyward Sword really much though...
    'Hoy there Aelic! :wave: Thanks for the friend request! How do you do?! :?
    You're welcome. :) I need to work on how I handle myself in such situations... I always seem to spark a flame somehow. One thing I've noticed about a lot of Atheists (but not all of them, of course): They always look for a reason to call you an idiot.
    Aelic, I would just like to commend you for how well you handled that conversation at the creation/evolution forum. You truly seem to stand by your signature from Proverbs.
    Someone on my Contact List told me they're thinking about getting baptised really soon.

    Our youth group is actually talk sites like Facebook and Twitter to help spread Christianity and I guess now Zd falls under that list for me since I don't have a Facebook.
    In that Creation/evolution Thread I've always wanted tp post my view but never could get structure the sentence right and You've really helped me out wheather you meant to or not.

    In short you have backup on your viewpoint.
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