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Ocarina of Time Most Annoying Boss Not Including Ganondorf



Phantom Ganon from OOT and Dark Link were the only enemies that gave me problems.


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Apr 28, 2011
Morpha is super simple. I'm going to have to make a video beating him to show everyone the easy way to beat him. :)

I'd have to say the hardest boss is Bongo Bongo (and I'm one of those people who could beat all of these bosses in my sleep, and all things considered, he's the hardest) but Ghoma is the most annoying. It's super annoying because it's super easy and I would have liked more of a challenge on my first boss.

Chainmail Tunic

Twinrova. Waiting and angling the beams are freakin annoying, let alone the cutscenes. All other bosses fall before my blade rather quick.

El Bagu

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Jul 5, 2008
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Phantom Ganon was annoying. What was his problem really? To hide in a couple of paintings (such a cowardly behaviour). Yet so impatient and he could not stay there for a large amount of time it seemed! I must admit I had some problems wit him/it and that is probably the main reason for why I consider him so annoying. He was a good boss though, what if things went too smooth? We want a bit of a challenge do not we? :yes:
Sep 1, 2010
Definitely Phantom Ganon or Morpha. Phantom Ganon was really tricky for me, especially as a child, and it always took me around five tries to actually defeat him. Morpha I luckily beat on the first try, but with one heart left because I was always thrown around the room too much. That and it's just downright annoying.

Big Octo

Jul 2, 2011
I flat out hate Bongo Bongo. Morpha may be the easiest for me, because I can beat him without him forming a single tentacle. Seriously, read my thread about it!
Jun 11, 2011
I never enjoyed the Twinrova battle. It wasn't hard, because they rarely hit me, however it was long because I could never angle the beams right so it took me a while.
Feb 23, 2011
Volvagia, hands down. I kept on getting hit by her constantly. I've beaten OoT so many times, which SHOULD mean I'm experienced, but I still encounter difficulty with Volvagia. I still have to be revived by a bottled fairy constantly. Oh, and not to mention her battle sequences and phases are the pits...:dry:


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Jul 8, 2011
Tucson, AZ
For me it's a tie between Morpha and Beast Ganon. My strikes are always off timing and I end up heading right into their attacks :S


Bongo Bongo was an absolute pain for me, I had no idea what I was doing first time I went up against him and ran out if arrows pretty much straight away. Even when I knew what I was doing he was still difficult.


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Mar 17, 2010
Pacific Northwest
The hardest to beat for me is Volvagia. Every boss needs a different strategy, and sometimes, my mind just doesn't work that way, but that's exactly what I love about Ocarina of Time.

What Navi says: "It's the Boss of the Fire Temple, revived by the Evil King. I don't know its weak point..."
So, Navi is just about the least helpful thing you have here, aside from your Kid Link items, but those don't matter anyways. Due to the fact that Navi gives you nothing helpful at all, you need to figure this one out for yourself. I haven't played OoT in 2 or 3 years, and I'll admit, I panicked a little. Volvagia's first phase is absolutely easy. It just pops up in a hole an you pound the crap out of it with your hammer. Good. But the second phase is also fairly self-explanatory, it flies around the room and you shoot it. Harder, but still possible. I freaked out in the third phase. The third phase is where Volvagia goes very high into the air and hurls rocks at you from above. I had no idea what to do, so I just ran around and around until the rocks stopped. Thankfully, they did. After one or two times going through all three phases, I got a little more calm and comfortable, it was really easy.

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