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Majora's Mask - Powder Keg Issue

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Hey all,

I've beaten Snowhead temple and visited the Goron who sells powder kegs. He gave me the mission to blow up to boulder, which I did. I returned and he gave me a powder keg. I went back in time and now I need to get to Ramani's Ranch. I went to the bombshop West Clocktown and spoke to the owner as a Goron, but he said there was ntohing for me and there are only 3 items for sale (I think it's 10 bombs, 10 bombchus and something else). But no powder kegs. The goron in Goron Village will sell one to me for 100 rupees and I still have a slot for powder kegs in my inventory. Why can't I buy a keg for 50 rupees in the West Clocktown bombshop? Do I need to re-defeat Goht every time I want to buy a keg?

Help would be greatly appreaciated ^^


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Jul 11, 2008
Oh thanks, I didn't notice him!!!

You'll notice that everything in Majora's mask is based on masks and sequences completed in the game and the chronological order.

In essence, time and masks dictate the entire game. This especially applies to the infamous Couple's Mask.


Jul 13, 2008
Umm actually you need too speak with the goron in the shop he's kinda in the back room. And make sure your a goron when you do so.


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Sep 18, 2008
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i have really no clue, dude. that's never happened to me when I played Majora's mask. try getting the bomb keg then heading strait to romani ranch. that's what I'd do
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