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Mafia 8: Twilight Princess Sign-Up Thread

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Apr 9, 2010
Hello, everyone! Welcome to the Mafia 8 sign up thread! This round's theme is...

Twilight Princess!


We're going back to a Zelda theme for this round! I've taken ideas from both of my previous mods of Mafia, Axle the Beast and Hero of Music. This game will feature many unique roles. Best of all, this game has no Vanilla Townies. If you sign up, you're guaranteed to get a power role of some sort.
I am aiming to have about 26 players, but I can adjust for anywhere between 24-28. Remember, this is an advanced game. If I feel you do not have enough Mafia experience, I will not allow you to join this round. It would be unfair to throw you into this moshpit of roles.

For reference:

Mafia Beginner's Guide

Interested? Join...

1. Erebea - Confirmed
2. Austin - Confirmed
3. Meego - Confirmed
4. Josh - Confirmed
5. Raindrop14 - Confirmed
6. Djinn - Confirmed
7. arkvoodle - Confirmed
8. Justeazy - Confirmed
9. link to present - Confirmed
10. Kybyrian - Confirmed
11. Jedizora - Confirmed
12. Danny - Confirmed
13. Xinnamin - Confirmed
14. NorthApple - Confirmed
15. Go_Dark_Link - Confirmed
16. green goron - Confirmed
17. Axle the Beast - Confirmed
18. Elfen - Confirmed
19. Ninten* - Confirmed
20. Hero of Time - Confirmed
21. TreeHuggerPanda - Confirmed
22. Viral Maze - Confirmed
23. Komali - Confirmed
24. Hanyou
25. Hachi - Confirmed
26. Keyshe - Confirmed

25/26 confirmed

Replacement(s): illmatic, Gonzo, jdenicholls

I look forward to moderating this round for you!

Also... please tell me how many rounds of Mafia you have played before! Thanks.
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Todo is the pfuf!
Apr 28, 2011

EDIT: "Also... please tell me how many rounds of Mafia you have played before! Thanks."
Like three or four. Whatever.

EDIT: Got spot eight! *parties*


Jan 31, 2008
Amherst, MA
Didn't I already answer this one?
12[sup]th[/sup] (post) GET

(10[sup]th[/sup] spot get)

I've never played any mafia before.
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