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Least Annoying Helper


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Feb 8, 2011
Navi by far is the most annoying. As I've stated many times before, I know she's the helper in Zelda's first 3D game, but I didn't appreciate her constant need to barrage me with hints and tidbits. If ever I got stuck I relied on her for assistance, of course. It just felt like she was holding my hand throughout. Therefore, I much prefer her counterpart, Tatl, who was indeed a breath of fresh air before and after OoT. Not that I loathe that game; it is obviously remarkable on all fronts.

And Midna is the least irksome, as well as my favorite, although Fi combats her placement. But Midna showed the most character out of all the assistants I've played with. Yes, she did have some "attitude" at the beginning, but that was tempered well by her backstory and purpose at hand. She only wanted justice-via-revenge against Zant, and Ganondorf, because of what they did to the Twili, and justifiably so. Oh yeah, she was also a remarkable helper in that she never intruded our concentration by telling us the obvious; only subtle hints were provided.


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Sep 28, 2011
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Next on the list would be Fi. I hate her annoying robotic voice, but at least she doesn't yell at you. She isn't heplful either.

How is she not helpful? She gives you info on enemies, tells you your play time (total and current session), and allows you to dowse.

Anyway, least annoying would be Midna, since she doesn't go and make annoying sounds, and was actually very awesome.

Most annoying is Fi. Although I liked her, she was just kind of annoying when it came to beeping at me about having low hearts and batteries.

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Fi no questions asked if i see navi again i swear to myiamoto i'm gonna kill her so please no more navis
Apr 27, 2011
Least annoying was the King of red lions. he did nt really do much. I liked Midna becuase unlike most of your sidekicks, she had character and the name of the game was actually based on her.

Navi was nto that bad. Yeah, LISTEN! whatever. I can just turn the sounds down. And actually I had put Ocarina down for a month and came back to it. I completly lost where I was in the game. And all it took was about 10 minutes before Navi was like HEY LISTEN!. So I did listen. And she said "HEY DUMMY YOU NEED TO GO TO THE GORAN VILLAGE!" And I was like Thanks Navi, that was helpful.

I am sorry, but Fi was the worst by far! She would not leave me alone until I pressed her Button. And there is a 98% probability that whenever you come across ANYTHING NEW she will talk your ear off about it for 5 minutes before you can continue. They gave you the option to turn of HUD off. WHY NOT HER!


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Oct 14, 2011
Fi is the only i've found annoying. she tells you WAY too much stuff you really don't need to know that you can't get out of hearing
Jan 18, 2012
Fi is annoying with her caculus and when she says: "master the batteries of your wii controller are nearly depleted" or "master you hearts have decrease......" But she was the most helpfull, if i died in a boss, she had a report of his weak point. And i think midna is the least annoying, she nevers call you for nothing, i only hated when i called her to know some hint like where to go, and she just says: "find the last fusion shadow or the last piece of the mirror"

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Sep 16, 2011
Midna is least annoying, Fi is most helpful while also being most annoying... If that makes sense. xD
Jan 18, 2012
Honestly, i didn't think Fi was annoying at all. She was a very nice character & a good touch to the game. :)
totally agree with you, and she was the most helpfull. Those guys can't live with an: "master the batteries of your wii remote controller is nearly depleted"
May 6, 2012
Hyrule Castle
Well Navi is the most annyoing (especially on the 3DS..... JUST SHUT UP ALL READY, I'M SAVING THE PRINCESS!!!) anyway... The least annoying is a close tie between Fi and Minda.... I would say Fi, but frankly it was just annoying to go through all those screens just to get a hint about the enemy....
May 11, 2011
Here's my opinions on all of them:

Navi (OOT) - Truly annoying, points out the obvious way too much
Tatl (MM) - Far less annoying, doesn't point out the obvious at all
King Of Red Lions (TWW) - Not very annoying, only when you talk to him accidentally when trying to get in him
Ezlo (TMC) - Not too annoying for the most part, but sometimes spoke when not needed
Midna (TP) - I didn't find her annoying, and she was interesting too
Ciela (PH) - Had the annoying Navi voice, but apart from that, not annoying at all
Zelda (ST) - Not annoying, she was comical and one of the best points about ST
Fi (SS) - Not annoying to me. I don't see why people think she is. I found her funny

Hmm, it's a tough one. I'd say about half are annoying and half are not. Least annoying? Probably...... Zelda (ST)

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