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Last person to post wins

oh wait do you not like harsh vocals chevy? sorry I probably should've let you know then, my bad, sorry
if you don't like harsh vocals all the songs that have them have instrumental versions in the album too towards the end so maybe listen to the starfall instrumental, it's just as good <3
alien is prolly my favorite fatal fe song

their collabs with season of ghosts is rly good too tho. i dont think sog's new album is a split exactly but both their singles have been collabs with fatal fe

there was also 'surreal' many years back that was fatal fe x sog, and they also remixed 'listen' on their sophomore album as a bonus track



cloney mcstudent
Mar 27, 2020
@Chevywolf30 I wanna make a bet

Tomorrow, you must include the pig emoji into all of your future posts for the day. Failure to include a pig emoji in ANY of your will result in you having to change your profile picture into this picture of Pinky (shown below) for the rest of the month.

Do we have a bet?


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