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Kid Icarus-Is It Worth Buying?


Dec 22, 2011
with Pit and link
GET THE GAME! omg it is sooo good! the controls are really neat and the dialogues are soo funny. even the graphics are quite awesome too!

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Aug 6, 2011
Take a guess.
Oh my gosh. Yes.

I hadn't played a Kid Icarus game before, either, but like others have said, it doesn't matter because it is nothing like the original. It's incredibly fun and entertaining. I loved every aspect of it – the characters, the story, the gameplay. Especially the characters. They converse with one another throughout the game and add cheesy humor that you just can't help but laugh at.

It's quite possibly my favorite game for the 3DS now. Granted, the only other game I have is Ocarina of Tme 3D, but considering that THAT is a Zelda game, which I am clearly obsessed with, it's a pretty big accomplishment.


This game is easily the best game on the 3DS. The amounts of polish that is evident in this game is insane! This game far exceeded my expectations which were already through the roof.
The more critical reviews of the games down the controls to the point that they advise you away from the game, but that is because they are comparing this game with other shooters like CoD and Halo. Nothing wrong with those other games, but this game is not those, it is its own game! The game is so fast paced that to use anything besides the touch screen and stylus would be a travesty and would leave you getting torn to shambles by those around you!
It took me an hour or 2 to get the control down, and since I've played it upwards of 50 hours!
Single player is amazing! The story is some of the best I've seen in Nintendo. The dialogue is lighthearted and genuinely funny! The characters are very likable with very good voice actors. And the game is story is plenty long to entertain but not so long it bores you.
The multiplayer is very fun as well! Light vs Dark is one of the freshest multiplayer modes I've seen in a while and it works very nicely! The details in the multiplayer game you will learn if/when you get the game, and it helps to make matches oddly balanced. It plays out kinda like a SSB-esque 3rd person shooter.
Lastly, the content in the game is extensive! With tons of unlockables and customizationables, it is a game boredom will not likely find. In fact, on of the in-game achievements is to play the game for 100 hours. I got the game the day it came out and have already put 50 hours into it. Putting 100 hours will not be difficult, nor will it be a chore.

Anyone who decides to get this game has made a wise investment.
Sep 1, 2010
Definitely. It's an excellent mix of flying and third-person adventuring. The gear system is phenomenally well-done, and it really feels like a "full" game. The 3D effect is outstanding, and the music is some of the best that Nintendo's ever made. The online is fun, too, but not for long periods of time.
Jun 8, 2011
Yes, this game is a must get if you have a 3ds.
The control works fine with the touchscreen, well at least for me as i've heard that some people said it is a bit awkward, but don't worry, it is possible to change the control setting and the camera's speed.
The orchestrated music is pretty good (dark's pit theme P= ), sometimes i find myself humming along as the music plays.
The story is good enough, and the dialogue are fun although sometimes you can't read them due to the fast paced action.
And the multiplayer mode is definitly worth checking out, even though you'll get your a** kicked the first time you should like it, plus you win some pretty good abilities and weapons at the end of the match. So yeah you have to check that out.

It would be sad to miss this game, because it is surely the best 3ds game now.

Oh and if anyone wants to play just add me ok? I'm looking forward to play with you people. :D

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