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  • Thank you! Cress is my favorite Tales character ever! Are you a huge fan of the Tales series?
    Lol, haha, don't feel all that bad, I did that several times too. XD

    Well the trilogy is heavily based on Norse Mythology and Fantasy stuff. I will come and leave you a link to the thread where I posted two previews from the first book. I could tell you more about the whole project, but I'd be spoiling you. No, all you need to know is that I decided to rework a story that I began here years ago. The story back then was known as Asgard Legends.
    It's not gonna be a best seller for sure, but the success will be me publishing it as a whole once and for all. I put the first book on sale a while back and sold several copies to my relatives and friends, but then I stopped selling it because I got the crazy idea of finishing the whole trilogy and then offer it in a special package that contains all three tales in one book. Anyway, thanks for the good wishes, I really appreciate it. ;)
    Both, actually, although lately it's just my own made-up stories. I love writing about fantasy, so that's where I concentrate my skills at. This one that I am writing for ZD doesn't have all the nutrients it needs in order to be considered a great story, it's just a quick-paced one with mostly dialogue from characters.
    But if you don't know, I am writing a trilogy that I will publish and sell when it's done.
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