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Is Skyward Sword THE Origin Story?

Feb 23, 2011
This is true, Nintendo have placed a 'universal outcome' shift at the point of Link defeating/being defeated by Gonnondorf in OoT, there's no reason to say that there couldn't have been another alternate universal timeline before SS, maybe an alternate universal timeline that took place before SS and depended upon the Heroes outcome prior to the shift in OoT?

Heck there could be more universes undiscovered still, the goddesses after all are omnipotent beings and don't have to be restricted to one contingency.

Well, I don't think Nintendo would go so far as to start a new "timeline proceeding Skyward Sword," but I think there exists the possibility of another story (or two) which predate the events of SS. Given those events, however, it's incredibly difficult to imagine what such stories might foretell. Perhaps there could be a story wedged between the events of the Hylian War against Demise and present-day SS, due to the supposed thousand-years gap. But I still find it incredibly difficult to imagine how this is feasible. It just seems to me like everything would be inconceivably primitive. Such a game would have to be a direct prequel - tying into Hylia's story (or something along those lines.)

In retrospect, I think I see where Nintendo was coming from when they said creating a definite beginning, and a solid timeline sets limits. I'm not saying it's entirely impossible, but with what's given in SS seems to set limits on a story proceeding it. And if such a story ever comes into fruition, Nintendo has to do it JUST RIGHT, or the fans will rage.
Jan 18, 2012
i read the first pages of the translated version of Skyward Sword, and for what i could understand is: there really was a link before the SS link, those pages was on glitterberri, but it was removed. Google it, you may find it!

Here it is:

So, you can see that there is another link, and you see Hylia attack that fortress with the Red Lofting that will become link's lofting in the future
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Braava Braava
Feb 18, 2010
Soul Sanctum
Does anyone else remember hylia becoming human and the some thousand odd years between demise's sealing and the imprisoned death?



So far, SS is the first game. But after hearing the talk about the demon tribe the original (single) goddess Hylia, I think there will be a game taking place before SS.


Defender of Hyrule
Oct 14, 2011
the one the goddess gave her sailcloth to may not be the origin of the Hero of Time but it may be the origin of the Hero. The Hero may have become the Hero of Time as the surface became Hyrule

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