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  • Oh.

    Okay then.

    I feel awkward...hm. Well, I'm glad I found another ImpaxZelda shipper!
    I was going to say...I do not ship for LinkxImpa. Eww...

    ZeldaxImpa is a weid pairing, but you know, I'm weird. :P
    Hey Hugo, I'm LL!

    Anyway, I am a part of The Legend of Zelda: roleplay. group. We are messaging all our members because we have finally started! Also, we need your input on story line. Please visit the group ASAP.
    hi, you joined my zelda roleplay group. it doesn't apply to you since your Mido, but if you want to go check out the latest discussion of characters you can!<3
    aw lawd yes. nintendo fans FTW!
    anyway, my list is
    3. pokemon
    2. zelda
    1. kirby

    than again, my list does change around a lot. it depends on what games i have been playing most in a certen time frame...
    wait, have you EVER played kirby????o_O
    BAHAHHA! dont worry! im not worried! its always great to meet a fellow friend on the internet *internet high five*
    well ill be your friend! meh, i make friends with a lot of people around here.
    now i must warn you, i do tend to sometimes talk a LOT. i dont shut up. see im oing it now. i cant stop talking.
    anyway, do you play any games other than zelda????just wondering.
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