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Hyrule-Termina War RPG Sign-Ups

Big Octo

Jul 2, 2011
This is going to be a brand new RPG! Here is the story:
Hyrule and Terimina have long been at peace, no thought of war between the two. But when an evil man took power and began ruling Termina, he declared war against Hyrule. Now the powerful warriors of each wait until the first, bloody battle.....

Step 1: Choose your name-first required, last optional
Step 2: Choose your race: Hylian/Terminian, Goron, Zora, Gerudo
Step 3: Choose your side: Hyrule or Termina
Step 4: Physical attributes- age, build, skin color, eye color, hair color/style, clothing/armor
Step 5: Choose your weapons: You can choose magic and melee OR archery and magic. Limit 2 melee weapons/bows, and 3 magic elements
Step 6: Describe your personality
Step 7: Give your backstory

Here's mine:
1. Erros Gallus
2. Terminian
3. Termina
4. 24, large build, tan, white skin, Green eyes, long brown hair, Plate, chain armor with a horned helmet
5. A large battle ax, a thin shortsword, earth magic (ie can cause small tremors), 'rage' power (can access a berserker status temporarily), and minor psychic power (I strike fear directly into my opponent's mind)
6. Erros is easily angered, and attacks with brute strength. He drives his anger into the swing of his ax.
7. He enlisted in the army in a heavy troop division. He is currently serving, and is not exactly sure why Termina is attacking Hyrule

Okay! I'll provide new rules when I open the game.


Black Cat Royalty
Jun 22, 2011
On An Adventure
1. Acela Mane
2. Gerudo
3. Hyrule
4. 15, thin bony and strong, tan skin, red eyes, long brunette hair, Nabooru's outfit, different hair and makeup
5. (Archery and magic) Gold bow & silver arrows, water magic(ex wrap opponent in water spiral), hypnosis(make opponents do what I want), and "change"(ie make opponents ticklish or weak)
6. Bold and dark
7. Tired of gerudo life, she broke out.


May 21, 2011
Step 1: Choose your name-Amaterasu Kami
Step 2: Choose your race: Hylain Zora
Step 3: Choose your side: Termina
Step 4: 15, slight unnoticable muscles, darker scales than the other Hylian Zora
Step 5: Archery, and fire, water, and earth magic
Step 6: Sarcastic about everything, enjoys leading, short temper, sudden mood swings almost daily
Step 7: Shunned by the Zora from Zora's Domain, with a few exceptions, Amaterasu left to go to Termania.


Riding Suicune
May 2, 2011
Twilight Palace
Step 1: Xavier
Step 2: Zora
Step 3: Termina
Step 4: Like a normal Zora, slightly darker skin, age 14. He was badly injured, and had metal implants to help support his body(Like, metal plates around his legs. He's quite mobile). His fins have sharp metal edges, and he wears a black vest and tunic with a hood and cloak for cold/rainy weather. Strangely Pyrotechnic.
Step 5: Melee: Fins, Feet(I guess) Magic: Fire, can create solid objects out of fire(Like a Green Lantern, kinda) As well as healing magic. Can also give others slight Zora Mutations(Like fins and gills.)
Step 6: Lone, cold, and surly. Friendly once he trusts you, though. Hard to get him to trust you.
Step 7: Like Ammy, he was shunned for his... metaly-ness. He was one of the few who didn't shun ammy, but went to Termina to witness the carnival. Never came back.


I play my drum for you
Jan 30, 2011
Tangent Universe
Name: Tennor Dekan
Race: Terminian Zora
Side: Termina
Age: 15
Build: Tall and skinny
Skin Color: Blue
Eye Color: Blue
Hair: None
Clothing/Armor: None usually, but a chainmail vest for battles.
Weaponry: Magic/Melee: Electricity; Water; Halberd; Knives
Personality: Open, fun-loving.
Backstory: A skilled Zora Guard, Tennor was called to join the World Army and leave his position as personal guard of Toto. Still slightly grudging from being sent to the army, Tennor fights hard.


Keyblade Master
Step 1: Mia Lowell
Step 2: Hylian
Step 3: Hyrule
Step 4: age- 18
skin color- tanish
eye color- light brown
hair color/style- black; straight, shoulder-length
clothing/armor- black pants and combact boots; black long-sleeved shirt with a white undershirt; wears a silver crystal necklace
Step 5: archery/magic; long bow; brave bow (can shoot 2 arrows at a time); light, heal, and wind magic
Step 6: very independent; fairly bold and blunt, but still caring
Step 7: she live in kakariko most of her life, but she joined the army when she was 16 and her parents died, leaving her to care for her 13 year old sister (15 now). She's mainly fighting in this war to figure out why Termina suddently invaded Hyrule.
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Suzune Supporter
Apr 17, 2011
Step 1: Mirrom Saki'
Step 2: Sheikah
Step 3: Hyrule
Step 4: Age: 14, but looks and act older
Build: average, more along the lines of "Figure 8" waist
Skin Color: Peachy, with a hint of carmel (the color)
Eye: gold
Hair: Sandy blonde, waist length, braided near the bottom and has long bangs covering her eys, just like Sheik
Clothing: Teal double layered cotton body suit, wears and faded teal scarf and turban, has a parka with the Sheikah eye in gold, wrapings around her wrists and ankles.
Step 5: Knife made out of ivory, and infinite needles, and can heal wounds, and suck small amount of life, causing temporary unconsiousness, can water bend.
Step 6: Fun, lovable, caring, gets frustrated at times. . .
Step 7: Was found at Great Fairy Spring, was blessed by fairy causing healing powers and other magical powers. Raised as a Sheikah and went to live in Castle Town and opened an Antique store (Twilight Princess version please).
Other: Has a Royal harp/lyre that she playes magical melodies on (PM me for specific names please)


Not the marshmallow
Sep 2, 2010
Windfall Island
1: Kulo
2: Zora
3: Termina
4: age 16, average zora body, blue-purple skin, green eyes, no hair but a fish tail :xd: , zora armor
Step 5: He has a spear, bombs, and a magical guitar :)
Step 6: Happy, nice, caring, dedicated
Step 7: Became a Zora Warrior a few years ago and likes it, and has been training ever since.

Big Octo

Jul 2, 2011
We need at least one more Hyrule-sider before we can start. After that sign-ups will be closed. If you didn't get in, I am very sorry!
Jul 1, 2011
Tournament Of Power Arena
Name: Sieg
Race: Zora
Side: Hyrule
Physical Traits:19, Gray skin, Light Blue eyes, foot taller than average, a bit more muscular than regular zoras. Wears a Zora Tunic
Weapons/magic: Lance, Megaton Hammer, mild telikenesis(lift light objects) Can imbue lance with electricity for short periods of time
Personality: Usually jocular and laid back, but when hungry is sarcastic and rude.
Background: Entire family killed by Terminian Gerudos. Adopted son of the Zoras Domain Shop owner. Is trained as an assasin, and is a body gaurd of The King of Hyrule in Winter and Fall, and the King of the Zoras in Spring and Summer

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