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How to Destroy the 30 Charecter Rule.

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May 18, 2011
The Temple of Time
Hey people at least put a way to destroy the 30 character rule or put a bunch of random letters or SOMETHING! COME ON STOP WRITING YOUR WORDS IN WHITE INK HOW ABOUT BLACK! Now that I said that oh wait I already did my 30 character


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Nov 21, 2010
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To be fair, while some people are doing that, most are not. Quote them and you will see the code they're all using.


A lot of people have been asking how this was done over the months ever since the rule was put into place. Well when Justin added it a while back he added a few loopholes, in his sense of humor I don't know if you have spoken to him a few times or not. If not, then you will understand eventually. Basically he added some completely random things that circumvent the rule completely.

First of all you have to have a mic plugged into your computer and turned on. Then you go into the Go Advanced menu (you also have to have the advanced WYSIWYG message editor turned on. This is in your general settings if you do not know how to turn it on) It's buggy I know but it does a lot more than the standard. Then you will have a button near the top right that is three squiggly lines, click on that. Then with your mic you have to recite the lyrics to one of several Queen songs. Justin swears that any of the big, well known songs will work but Bicycle never seems to work for anyone. I've tried it several times and I always get the same You need to lengthen your post to thirty characters nonsense. Another one Bites the Dust and Fat Bottomed Girl are the most popular. I have been bugging Justin to add the Highlander theme for two months now but I really don't think he's going to do it. Lazy. Really we all cheat so we can get this through quickly, see the many instant posts above. A lot of us got together in a voicechat a couple months ago and recorded a couple people singing some Queen songs so we do not have to do this every time. I just have this short one of Josh singing I Want it All that I bring up every time I want to pass it. He hates it when I replay it too. :lol: But playing a recording is a little bit better than reciting words into a mic each time I want to get past the rules here. I was surprised to see Under Pressure worked, thought that was cool.

Maybe a month ago due to some complaints and a few people not having any mics Justin added another method. But this time it requires a tablet, I haven't tried it with a mouse yet and I don't know anyone else who has tried. Kyby swears it works with some program I've never heard of and really, I'm not going to go download a program just to get past a 30 character rule. Again you have to have the better WYSIWYG message editor turned on and also in the top left corner there will be a box with a smaller box in it. Click that and then with your tablet draw this symbol on the screen,

It has to be done near the center of the screen or else you will only get the same not long enough message. This is Xinn's preferred method, as well as anyone who does a lot of drawing on a tablet I assume. It does beat having to recite lyrics in a mic while attempting to make a reply.

The real problem here is there is no real confirmation you have done anything correctly, you just have to use the recording or draw the swirly symbol thing and then click submit reply. If it works it works, if it doesn't it doesn't. Annoying I know. After a while you get very used to it, a few practices in the games forum and you should be good at either. Af far as which songs work and which do not I am not completely sure. I couldn't get Killer Queen and Crazy Little Thing Called Love to work out for me, but I never really looked up the lyrics either. I think you would have to PM Justin about which ones work and which do not.

^ This post is the only correct one in the thread. All others fail. ^^
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Feb 23, 2011
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