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Majora's Mask HELP: A List Of Cool Stuff In Majora's Mask


Jan 10, 2011
On the midnight Spirit Train going anywhere
This is an "easter egg", I guess. This happens in both N64 games, also.

Crouch down with Link's shield in any direction. Lean back the opposite direction, and let go of the "R" button (keep holding the analog stick in the direction you were when you let go). Link's head will be looking straight up for a VERY short period of time, but enough to where it's noticable. It's pretty funny to watch.

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Feb 6, 2010
I read a lot of what people said and I didn't see these.

-The cutscene after the four giants come will be skipped if you wear the Captain's Mask.

-If you do the Captain's Trial again while wearing the Captain's Mask, the stal children will not hurt you and you can kill them easily. They'll just stair at you like "uh... captain, why did you call us....AAAAAHHHH!"

- (Don't know if this counts) Captain Keeta is weak against light arrows. Really any arrows, but light arrows will slow him down significantly.

You may want to double check all of these.
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Nov 8, 2010
Boston, MA

Look at the line-up of animals from the Keaton Mask to Don Gero's Mask. Its a fox, a bird, a bunny, then a frog. Miyamoto also makes Star Fox.

Keaton Mask - Star Fox
Bremen Mask - Falco Lombardi
Bunny Hood - Peppy Hare
Don Geros Mask - Slippy Toad

Is this coincidence? I don't think so.


Jul 15, 2009
Had a quick flick through, and I don't think this was mentioned already (excuse me if it has been though).
If you quickly mash the button you have the Lens of Truth set to (i.e. so you're constantly turning it on off on off) it won't use up any magic power. Pretty useful for some parts of the sequence where you have to follow Darmani's Ghost, then you don't run out of magic half way up the wall etc.
In OoT I know you could play the song of storms and achieve the same effect, but I'm not sure if this works in MM too. I don't think it does, I'd need to check. Mashing the button definitely works though.

Anyways, I'll go have a think and add any more if I remember any.

Hammer Bro. Mike

Caleb, I'm guessing you looked into what I said about the Spirit House in Ikana Canyon after one of the previous streams?


Mar 28, 2010
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Here's 2 more I remembered,

When you first get the lens of truth, go and warp to the Mountain Village (without talking to Darmani) and head up to Darmani's Grave. He'll be there, and act just as if you followed him. Excellent time saver as you don't have to walk along with him to his grave.

In any dungeon, play the Song of Soaring to warp to the first room of that dungeon. (Does not work in boss rooms though) Very useful in the Snowhead and Stone Tower Temple especially. It makes flipping the temple very painless and quick.


Jun 29, 2010
I can add that the black or white boes get blown around by the song of storms and the song of healing also stops a Bubble's jinx curse. also to help with the bombers hide and seek thing, you only need to do in twice- once to get your password, once to get the bombers'notebook. this will help because I thought the code changed and re-did the hide and seek thing over ond over. just to say while the bombers' codes vary between copies of MM, those codes only need to be learned once. plus you can also skip the transformation clip with the A button.

Mr. L

Well, I was thinking, why no one said about the incredible Gossip Stone? And like it rockets up when blowed up by a bomb/bombchu/powder keg, or what happens when you Goron Pound it(I don't remember what happens)
And also, I remember that strange thing about the Leever's Z-target being greenish, and not yellow...strange


So, I don't really know if much of this has been said (I apologize if it has) but, you can get over many gates and walls (that you shouldn't be able to get over) by placing a bomb as a human, changing to goron link, doing the pound, then getting out of the "ball" at the peak of the pound as soon as the bomb explodes. If you do this right, goron link will get hurt, but will go up a little, and, if done next to a fence or wall, will go over it. I've used this before in the stone tower temple to get over fences (but it doesn't really have that much gain, just a sorta cool thing). Also, in Ikana valley, if you do the pound as a goron in front of a gibdo, occasionally, the gibdo will scream and freeze you mid-"pound" so you will be frozen in mid air. Just another useless but cool thing. You can also enter the gorman race track without racing the gormans by, first, as goron link, pounding right under the awning of the little "house" thing by the gorman brothers. You'll be on top of it after that. Then as a zora, if you hold down the Z button while looking towards the fence of the track, jumb off, and press the "attack" button mid-jump, zora link will do this flip attack thing and you'll end up standing on the fence dividing the track and the area where the gormans are. You can then jump over to the track and goof around (again, not really useful, but fun to do)

Freak Sheet

Do you want magic mushrooms, which are normally found in the lost woods, but dont want to go searching through the forest? Well, getting them is easy! Simply go to the inn with the mask of scents, and in the last room on the top floor should be Gorman's room, and on the bottom bunk is a pair of underwear. Sniff it using the mask of scents, and quickly bottle the scent, and there you go! MUSHROOMS!

... just dont ask what i was doing smelling some dirty underwear, okay?


Walkthrough Man
Oct 16, 2007
Homer, Alaska
I can add that the black or white boes get blown around by the song of storms and the song of healing also stops a Bubble's jinx curse.
Those are both false. I just checked all of the songs on the Black and White Boes and none of them do that. Only the Song of Storms works on the Jinx, just double-checked that too. To get the Bomber's Notebook, you can either play Hide & Seek with them again, or you can simply use the password to the enter the hideout and exit WITHOUT wearing the Deku Mask. Jim will congratulate you and add you to their gang.
Dec 6, 2010
Upstate New York
Someone above mentioned quickly turning the Lens on and off to avoid using magic, like while following Darmani. I just wanted to mention that you can just follow his shadow. No annoying sound AND no loss of magic!

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