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  • Say Kaleb, would it be rude to ask what happend to Andy scot? i think his name was, from the youtube site?
    p.s. apparently i sent this to the wrong Caleb.
    hi just wondering when your going to finish the majoras mask video walkthrough? ive followed you OoT video walkfthrough 100% and ive got about half way though the MM walkthrough when ive noticed it says coming soon :( when will the rest of the videos be on so i can keep on following your walkthrough?
    Dude i watch your walkthroughs all the time im gonna watch the chapter zora's sapphire because i just got 2 the 3rd dungeon;)
    ya know angry video game nerd made a video on the zelda timelime.it is on youtube.
    Big fan! :D
    Keep on the great work (:
    I'm still waiting on that friendship request. Just to let you know, I have been watching your OoT walkthroughs and your TP walkthroughs. And they have been very helpful, so thanks in advance.
    hey, is this Caleb, the Caleb that did the walkthrough for OoT etc.? Please accept my friend request~^^
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