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Ocarina of Time Hardest Temple

Hardest dungeon

  • Forest temple

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  • Fire temple

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  • Water temple

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  • Shadow temple

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  • Spirit temple

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New Hyrule's Engineer
Jul 28, 2011
Porto Alegre, Brazil.
I have only played the forest and water temples, so I can't say for sure, but I think that it is the water temple.

EDIT:I don't know why so many people say that the shadow temple is difficult. For me it was the easiest! It took me only a morning, while the water and forest temples took me an entire day and the fire temple took me half a day! With the Lens of Truth, Din's Fire, the Sun's Song and a bit of courage it is easy! The only problem were the enemies and the boss, but all I had to do was go outside and buy two fairies! But I haven't played the Spirit Temple yet!
Ok, I played it and it took me half a day, just like the fire temple.
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The Shadow Temple is difficult because if you don't know where you're going you could run out of magic and be even more lost than you already were.


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Aug 26, 2011
I went with the Spirit Temple. Forest Temple and Fire Temple are quite easy, and pretty linear. The Water Temple, though it isn't that linear, and requires alot of backtracking, I didn't find it all that difficult to be honest. And the Shadow Temple I've never had even the slightest problem with, I would easily say that's the easiest temple from OoT.


I was quite unhappy with Jabu Jabu as a child. The hardest temple for me was Spirit Temple I suppose, I'm referring to the master quest version.


The Spy-Sniper Combo
Dec 20, 2010
"Right behind you."
I think the choice is fairly obvious. Water Temple. I can't tell you how many times I lowered and raised the water level trying to get to rooms I hadn't been to before.


I mean the water temple wasnt that hard its just it was annoying the shadow temple was definately my second hardest though.
Aug 28, 2011
For Me It Was Probably The Water Temple, But Just Because The Water Was Hardest Doesn't Mean I Have A Super Hard Time With It Just The Hardest :D


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Aug 29, 2011
Halfway There
I thought the Water Temple, only because I kept forgetting where to go to raise/lower the water level and there were so many rooms . . . it took me forever because I would go try four different rooms for raising the water level only to get there, raise the water level, and realize I needed it back down again cause I forgot to do something and I would go a-searching for another place to lower the water level . . . sigh . . . I guess that's why Zelda Dungeon is here.


Has to be the dreaded water temple. Even though I've completed OoT more than 20 times now, the water temple still manges to throw me at times. Somehow I *always* find myself dithering around at points wondering just where the hell the water level needs to be! However, Amorpha is the worst boss (in my opinion)... too easy and not remotely scary. It reminds me of that scene in sci-fi movie The Abyss ;)


Jul 13, 2008
I voted for the Water Temple. I don't have trouble with the Water Temple now but thats just because OOT is my favorite game and I've beaten it many times. As for players who are knew to OOT I think the majority of them would have the most trouble with the water temple.

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