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Ocarina of Time Hardest Temple

Hardest dungeon

  • Forest temple

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  • Fire temple

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  • Water temple

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  • Shadow temple

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  • Spirit temple

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Caleb, Of Asui

I voted for Shadow Temple because the time before last that I played the game I had quite a bit of trouble with Bongo Bongo. In truth, though, not to brag, but I'm kind of past the point where I'm concerned much about how hard it is. In the case of the Water Temple, I never really found it that hard. You have to think a bit more three-dimensionally, but when it comes down to it the dungeon itself is pretty straight-forward.
Apr 16, 2010
My list goes like this:

1. Water
2. Forest
3. Spirit
4. Shadow
5. Fire

Yes, I'm a proponent of the Water Temple being the most difficult. Although, I do not think it is as hard and frustrating as people seem to think. With common sense, (checking every room for small keys, defeating every enemy, clearing all puzzles, etc.) this temple can be completed whilst only a little bit of frustration.

Next for me is the Forest Temple. Despite it being the first Adult temple, I find it to be pretty difficult. The whole temple is very mysterious; clues pertaining to your next destination are rare. It gives off a creepy vibe, emphasized by the room that is mirrored on the other side and the twisted hallways.

Then there's the Spirit Temple, the last temple that most complete before Ganon's Castle. Despite the Iron Knuckles (easily defeated with a good strategy) and a few confusing puzzles, this one just wasn't up to par for a last temple. Not to mention the boss fight with Twinrova that is tedious and can be done without receiving any damage easily.

The Shadow and Fire Temples are about even on the difficulty meter for me. I chose Shadow to be in 4th place because of the consistent need to use the Lens of Truth and the grim feel. The only time I ever got stuck in this temple was when I depleted my magic meter to nothing and couldn't use the Lens of Truth. Bongo Bongo was a cool boss, but you could merely stay back and shoot him with arrows the whole time.

Lastly is the Fire Temple. As I said before, it was about as difficult as the Shadow Temple, but with little to no use for items. The whole temple seemed to be running from room to room linearly, solving one quick puzzle, then repeating; meanwhile the only small keys to be found were with the locked up Gorons.*
Jul 2, 2011
For me it was the Forest Temple because it was very difficult to find where you are supposed to go upon completing a room. You don't have most of your key items yet, and a lot of the rooms looked very similar. So sometimes I felt like I had already been there before, and some rooms required you to go back to them once or twice. (Ex: the twisting hallways.)

*SPOILER ALERT* The Ghost Ganon was really hard to defeat on my first time through. I couldn't figure out which portrait he was coming out of, or how to precisely time hitting my sword at his little energy ball attacks. :(

But the music in the Forest Temple is by far, my favorite.


Definetly the Water Temple i could not get Zeldas luluby to work for a week or so.


From hardest to easiest I would say Water, Spirit, Fire, Forest, Shadow, Time (so so easy lol)


All about the treasure
Aug 6, 2011
The S.S. Linebeck
Water Temple. I always forget where one key is and then I have to backtrack and search high and low for it. Shadow Temple comes in second for difficulty
Nov 20, 2008
The hardest temple for me was, by far, the Water temple. I spent so much time searching for that last key that I almost gave up on the game (I don't like using walkthroughs unless it's a LAST resort). I was also frustrated by the fact of how long it took to change from Iron Boots back to Regular Boots, and I think Ocarina of Time 3D has done a good job of fixing this, albeit I still haven't played it.

The Forest temple was a decently difficult temple, but I never felt that it was quite as frustrating as the Water Temple, although Phantom Ganon was much more difficult of a boss battle than Morpha.

As for that Shadow temple, I felt that it was not a difficult temple at all. It was such a linear dungeon, but Bongo Bongo was quite difficult. Although this temple has a difficult boss, I feel that the dungeon itself was not difficult due to its linearity.


Spaceballs: The Mafia Player
Jul 12, 2011
Spaceball 1
ah but you see, they gave away the location of the hidden room in the 3ds version. there was a problem with the cutscene in the middle room where you change the water level. See, in the 3d version, they focus on the whole under the block. in the original, the only show maybe a tenth of it. It was very hard to notice and unless you were looking for it, most people missed it.


I'm back!!

Although the Water Temple is m most difficult temple, if I make a list f.om the least to the most difficult dungeon and temple, it would be like this:

8. Dodongo's Cavern (took me 1 week)
7. Spirit Temple (took me 2 days)
6. Shadow Temple (took me 3 days)
5. Jabu Jabu's Belly (took me 1 week)
4. Fire Temple (took me 1 week)
3. Forest Temple (took me 1 week)
2. Water Temple (took me, approximately, 16 days)
1. Inside the Deku Tree (I don't remember how long it took me)

Definitely, the Water Temple is my hardest temple: not because of the puzzles (in fact, most of the time I got confused because I didn't know a wall could be destroyed with a bomb and I couldn't find a key near a dragon statue, and because Shadow Link was to hard for me to beat), but because of the amount of backtracking, difficult portions filled with vortexes and annoying enemies, the constant changes between the Iron and Kokiri boots and the room right before fighting Morpha.

The Water Temple might have been difficult (16 days... although most of the time I had trouble with minor things), but the dungeon Inside the Deku Tree was insanely difficult at the time.

First off: it took me a lot of time trying to figure out how to go out of the room where you get the Slingshot... in fact, I figured it out some weeks later, so I saved the game and opened it again (that way, I had the slingshot and was out of that evil room)...

Second off: how was I supposed to know I had to throw myself to the spider's web to breaki it? I discovered that by accident, by accidentally throwing myself and magically seeing the solution to the puzzle...

I would include dungeons on the poll, as I would vote for that evil dungeon I mentioned above...


Hero of the Skies
Aug 24, 2011
Oh man, Stuff the Water Temple. Gave me nightmares.. :(

EDIT: The 3DS version of the Water Temple is one of my favorite now :)
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the man from mars
Aug 25, 2011
sa texas
well, i used to never think the water temple was hard. but im replaying oot and im stuck in the water temple. i think i messed up by being half way through the temple then saving and continuing another day. i forgot what i did and didnt do. so im running around trying to find a key and cant seem to find it haha


There you are! You monsters!
Forum Volunteer
Feb 8, 2011
The Water Temple. It was perplexing from start to finish, and I had to consult several walkthroughs just to get past it. Honestly, this is one of two Dungeons (the other being Hyrule Temple from Adventure of Link) I didn't really enjoy, at least until my second playthrough of Ocarina of Time. That instance I was less perplexed by it and actually enjoyed the puzzles it provided.

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