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  • Your random drawing contest submission is amazing. You deserve the win. I'd feel honored if you accepted my friend request.
    On eBay the money is sent to your PayPal account once they buy it. But in terms of sending money outside of it you just use the email address associated with your account.
    First off, do you have an eBay account? That'd be the best place to sell them. You can Skype me at brandikins11 if you need any help.
    Hey, ENA. I saw your art, it's magnificent. So much that I nominated you for best Artist in the GKA's. Keep up the good work, you're a great artist.
    A heart attack? Wow. That must have been awful!
    If you're sure you're okay, I'll drop it. But if you need to talk, for any reason, let me know. :)
    No biggie, I don't get on very often either, but that's because I'm busy. :)
    If you would like to just talk, I can send you my e-mail or something so we can IM. I've been told I'm good to talk to when depressed.
    I don't post here. I lurk, I have old posts, but nothing made in the past month or so. Call it an active stand in support of my beliefs. I do not hold people any less accountable here then I did at LoZ, and I don't intend to.

    The internet is a real place with real feelings, and real interactions. I think people get caught up in that they don't physically know these people so its ok to act however they want. I think that given this last year at LoZ had gone to hell, the realization was made. Granted it could still be better then it currently is, only time and effort will show it.

    Some people here are similar to those in charge at LoZ, its kind of a lording theme of the internet. Will they ever see the error of their ways, once again only time will be able to tell. Until then I'm not comfortable posting.
    There are asses everywhere including here. Its just whether or not we choose to spend our time with it and choose to put up with it or not.
    back on staff, for how much longer I do not know, been kinda busy and not able to keep up with what they want. And yeah Its not the same old site in the slightest. Me thinks they realized their mistakes a little too late, and now its like starting from scratch. Wasnt even room to salvage the old. :/ sad really. But I hope maybe someday it can be that great social outlet that it once was.
    I keep trying to get back to posting there, but it's just so different. It's not the Loz I remember when I joined. Nowadays I occasionally post here and I'm active at Zelda Eternity.
    Nice, that's what I'm trying to go for. Different incarnations of the TMNT into one sig.

    Wait, I did hear that they're still doing the comics. But how? Are they starting over or are they continuing from were Laird left off?
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