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Ocarina of Time Hardest Temple

Dec 5, 2010
Canada, Alberta
I don't like the Water Temple, i had to start the entire game over to go through it, and i got stuck again, so, i really don't understand why one small mistake, has to make restart the game.

That's a common mistake many people make... You can't actually get stuck and have to restart the game, it's just something some people think because there is one really well hidden key.. Use your map and compass and go to the middle pillar, I think you'll be surprised :D ... and if that's not the key you can't find I'm sure if you raise the water halfway and go back the the place you found ruto, float up you'll be happy as well :D


I'm currently on my first run-through of OoT without a walk through and I've only just started the fire temple so I can't answer this just yet but i spent about 30 minutes running around looking for a key in the Forest Temple that was in a spot I was almost certain it wouldn't be, so I didn't even bother looking. (If that made sense?) I am definitely not looking forward to the water temple. I'll get back and answer this thread as soon as I can :D.

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Sep 28, 2010
Water it's not hard really just confusing if you forget to get the dungeon map in the room after meeting Ruto. I'm practically a living walkthrough of OoT and if I don't get that dungeon map the Water Temple can take up 2 hour for instead 45 Min.


OoT's Water Temple had it's way with me a few times, to the point of shutting off the game for that day-lol. But the Forest Temple was charming in terms of being frustrating. My biggest problem there was figuring out how to unwind the first hallway on the top. In OoT--Master Quest, the whole temple was a nightmare to get through.


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Feb 22, 2010
New Albany, Indiana
The Water Temple was hardest in terms of frustrating and confusing tedious-ness.
Ganon's Tower was hardest in terms of unforgiving difficulty.
The Spirit Temple was cool, but had a difficult boss.
The Forest Temple was hardest due to its clever, yet extremely challenging puzzles.
Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly was way too hard for its early point in the game.

All of the Temples had their own difficulties, though I'd say that the Water Temple was the hardest overall.


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Mar 9, 2010
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I'm also one of the few people that didn't find the Water Temple too hard. You just have to study the map very well and be able to think in 3D to find out where the passages are that connect the floors. And because it's a Zelda game, you just have to go to all possible places within a dungeon. If you keep that in mind then the Water Temple is actually quite easy. There are very few enemies and those which are there don't do considerable damage, I'd say it's almost impossible to die in the Water Temple. Also the boss is one of the easiest one of all the adult temple bosses.
I think that the Forest Temple is the hardest one. It has some fairly complicated puzzles in it and if you miss a key there then this means a lot of backtracking, even more so than in the Water Temple (I'm thinking of that cleverly hidden key in the very first room - I only found it much later after getting map+compass). The enemies in there are quite tough too, I didn't have a fairy, no Biggoron's Sword and only 7 hearts the first time and I totally failed against the Stalfoses, especially where you have to fight two of them at once. Plus the boss was rather difficult too.
In Master Quest it's definitely the Spirit Temple, oh my God, this place almost makes the Great Temple from AoL look like a holiday resort... I don't know how many times I had to change from adult to child Link and vice versa until I finally figured that place out.
Dec 6, 2010
Upstate New York
Water Temple is kindof annoying, but as long as you are careful and methodical with it (that's how I roll), it's a piece of cake. The Forest Temple, though, is easy to get lost in, with the twisting corridors and such. And I really really dislike the Shadow Temple - I'm not into the blood-and-guts aesthetic at all - to the point that it's still a bit hard for me because I, like, block out the memory of how to do it, so it's like I haven't played it a zillion times and don't remember what to do.


A vote for the forest temple

Clearly the obvious answer would be the water temple, mainly due to the confusion arising from the back and forth change in water levels (thank god it was only three levels)...But I'd have to go with the forest temple if I thought back to my first time playing it...I'd also add that I think the forest temple is the best in the game, with the most puzzle variation and the most interesting design...
On a side note...It almost feels like nintendo took the mood and feel of the forest and shadow temples and blended them into Twilight Princess...But that's overstating things, I know....

In any case, I select the Forest Temple! :)


i take boxing lesseons and i wonder how hard you would have to be hit in the temple to die. Ive seen people get hit in the temple and they only get knocked out.
Dec 9, 2009
The Water Temple was the toughest one for sure. That one took me hours to complete the first time I playerd it. Once you discover there's a secret basement under the central pillar and find that pesky missing key, everything starts to make a bit more sense.
Jan 17, 2011
21 Jump St.
The water temple isn't so much hard as it is tedious. The first time through the game it was definitely the hardest, and the only reason for that is the key that you get from going below the block in the central pillar.

With that said, the water temple is still hard in comparison to the other temples and is well know for being one of the most irritating things from the game.
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Jul 17, 2010
The Water Temple. No need for explanation.

I also found the Shadow Temple hard just for have the entrance and Bongo Bongo far away from each other. I, myself, like the temple, but having to go from the entrance to the boss was just too long and tideous.


Great Bay Temple made me very frustrated, the others were worth it to me, but that one was just too frustrating for me to handle for long periods of time. Eurgh. Currents.

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