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  • My Skype name is (darkmaster919199). No, I don't mean more then one copy. Here is a list I made of all 40 Zelda games.
    Hey man, want to be friends? I own 33 Zelda's, so I'm a big fan. Also, want to be friends on Skype?
    Yaaay! Saria fan!!! (Befriends you)
    Saria is my Number One Character in the entire series!
    ...I got dibs on her, though. :lol:
    But really, if Saria were real, I'd be the first one to talk to Her. And She'd kiss me after the first three minutes. And then I'd be in shock for half of a second. Then I'd fall over backwards. Then She'd lay me on a bed. And She'd sit there till I came to. Then She'd squeal and hug me. And we'd be in love with each other. And She would be the only thing worth living for. If She were real.

    ...That's pretty much it...
    Welcome to the ZD forums, Reignbow! :) I hope you enjoy your stay here~
    If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask~

    I've allocated you your room, and you shall be staying on the 987th floor. It has a great view of the moon...because it's in space. :D
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