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Tri Force Heroes Friend Finder


The Hero of Wind
Nov 17, 2015
North America
Skype: nintendo.skype.gaming

I am afraid I am not too far along (only at the volcano/ice level, looking to collect materials for costumes) but I always welcome talented partners :)
Just Skype message me and include "Triforce Heroes" and your Friend Code in your message


Aim for the knee
Nov 21, 2015
Minnesota, USA
FC: 5370-0513-1062
Region: North America (Minnesota if anyone wants local play)
Skype: No

I've finished everything in single-player, so if anyone wants me to jump in as a third for help, message me. I do technically have Skype, so I can log in if necessary, but I've been having so many problems with it that it's better to contact me here or on the Backloggery.


What's my age again?
Nov 29, 2015
Zelda-kin Triforceborn
3 7 9 7 - 9 3 6 5 - 2 5 4 1
North America

I have all but 3 Costumes unlocked, and roughly 90% of Drablands Challanges done.

Friendly and awaiting players :reggie:

Ive already added a majority of you, feel free to reply with Friend Codes if you added me and we arent already friends! Thanks!
Dec 16, 2015
Morehead, ky
Hello I need buddies, I hate waiting for unknown heroes, also I haven't beat the game yet just got it Sunday!
3DS Friend Code: 0645-6527-9229
I am in the United States
Skype name: Mario64999
If you add me please PM me on here or Skype.
Also I can only voice chat on Skype I cant video chat.
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