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Tri Force Heroes Friend Finder


Mr. All Thursday
Mar 24, 2016
Friend Code: 3110-8400-0472
Region: North America
Skype ID: (PM me)

Please PM me if you've added me so I can add you back. On a side note, I am not always free to skype when I play TFH so don't expect a skype call each time I come online. I am eager to find a consistent group to go on many levels and challenges with, also I play as swift as an arrow.


Sage of Doodle
Apr 16, 2016
Heya, actually joined the whole forum just to post this, though I'm likely to stick around.

I'm Carat, my Skype is celestial-carat.
I'm in the North America region
and my friend code is 4425-2058-0856.

Please let me know if you add my FC so I can add you back!
I'd like to play with whoever, though I do tend to dally and cut all the grass so to speak.
My in-game name is also Carat. I'm not always available to Skype but I'd like to make friends so 'hit me up'.
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Sep 22, 2016
game name: Ghani! obvi late to this forum but still grinding this game. friend code is 5000-4266-0428. i'm in north america. no skype. please let this work!:D

Deleted member 83535

Hello, anyone in Europe still playing this? I haven't finished the game yet, solo mode is way too hard and frustrating.
I'll update with my contacts later, but I should be available most weekends.

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