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Fear.....it Gets the Best of Us.

Waker of winds

Finally playing PH!
Jun 9, 2009
Mexico, si señor.
At the Dampé race in OoT, I'm always afraid of going the wrong way and encountering a Redead:O.

I'm always scared in the Night of the 3rd Day in MM.

Also, At Hyrule Market's Redead frenzy. I don't mute the TV anymore, but I'm always scared of all those screamsD:.


The Juror of Courage
Oct 25, 2009
Wherever the winds take me.
Okay, this is reall silly and pathetic, but when I was a kid (keep that in mind) I was afraid to enter the caves in ALTTP because the music scared me.

I was also afraid of Helmasaur King and saved battling him often until I beat Arrghus at least.
And I was afraid of getting ANYWHERE where I could hear ReDead in OOT and TWW.

Aki Graham

Secret Finder
Nov 1, 2009
Auckland, New Zealand
Nothing scares me in OoT or MM, what with my humorous persona, I face them, thinking about how strange they really are if you look at the long enough. A good way around wallmasters is to hold Z and sideskip or backflip, or to get on a ladder. Redeads have never frightened me whatsoever, oddly enough. Though there is plenty a reason to fear them, I just... don't. I don't even hate it when they grab onto me, because I know that, after some button mashing, they will get off and I have a chance to pwn that undead skin.


Warrior Postman
Sep 30, 2009
Depends on how into the gaming session I've gotten.

Redeads startle me when they catch me off guard. Paralysis and a scream.. it's like a bad dream where you're running in slow motion. I guess it's mostly a heart racing feeling as opposed to outright terror. I get a similar feeling after being whapped by an ironknuckle.

And of course there's MM's aliens. In some ways, they're worse than the redeads. Hehe..


Mmmmmmmmmh... BOMBS
Jun 14, 2009
France -Normandy-
Ocarina of time... well not really. Maybe because I didn't play it the year it was released, so with "that kind of graphics" I wasn't scared by anything...


Majora's Mask is weird, it's that kind of fear that follows you when you go to bed. That's when you wonder about it, and that's when it's really creepy. Silent Hill is the best example of this.
Oct 31, 2009
Redeads. 'Nuff said. :P

Seriously though. Did Nintendo have any idea how many kids they would traumatize by designing a moaning Zombie that would hump you if you got too close? They are the main reasons why I dead going into the Well and the Shadow Temple. I hear that moaning and I break out into a cold sweat and want to turn the game off. Also, Dead Hand anyone? Wasn't that pretty scary, too? o.o
Redeads, Like Likes, and Wallmasters DX

I'm always scared of getting my stuff eaten so I shoot any Like Likes I see full of arrows before it can touch me. The boss in the well freaked me out too. I wanted to kill it with fire but I had none >:
And the thought of poor Link getting manhandled by a Wallmaster creeps me out a little too.


I dont like to fight the Floormasters (those hands that become three smaller hands). I remember that when I saw that i had to fight one in the Shadow Temple (I was just a small kid...) I got out of the room and didnt want to enter it again. It took me much time before I had courage enough to fight it. Although I killed it easily with Din's Fire (so I didnt even have to use the Lens of Truth), I will never forget what i thought (my hands froze :)).
When I had to kill a Floormaster in the Forest Temple, I used the Hookshot, because there was a small step and as long as I stayed in the higher place, the small hands couldnt grab me, so I killed it easily. In the Spirit Temple, I just got out of the big hand's way and it fell down the wall i had just climbed, so I didnt have to kill it! But in the Shadow Temple it scared me a lot.


[the.Jumping.Bean] ~
Dec 15, 2009
New Hamster!
When I was little, I used to go on my brother's room and start playing Ocarina of Time (first game, I was like what? 4?) and I was scared of Ganondorf. He was running all around and knocking blocks down, I was screaming and crying and my brother is like "It's nothing to be scared of." But I was scarred fo like life then when I was 7 I didn't care and I got obsessed with Zelda, mainly it was because I beat Wind Waker before my parents and brother. XD


I guess you say redeads creeped me out at first. I would just play the sun's song to avoid them in castle town. My brother, whos 5 years younger than me used to be TERRIFIED of them. He would even have nightmares about them appearing randomly in public places (like in that MGMT "Kids" music video).

I guess other things that creeped me out were the Dead Hand and the father-turned-gibdo in MM.
Mar 20, 2010
New York, USA
Redeads, Like Likes, and Wallmasters DX

These are my three right here. I hate getting frozen by the redeads and that woman-like scream always shouting. Like Likes, for obvious reasons. It gets worse it they're at the edge of a cliff and they spit you out off it. You can say buy to your stuff. And Wallmasters because they creep me out and I don't want to get sent back to the beginning of the temple. :(

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