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Favourite/Least Favourite Temple in Spirit Tracks



Boy, tough one.

Favorite Temple:

The Ocean Temple. Though it wasn't really a water temple, as it should of been, I really really enjoyed the dungeon. And one of the biggest reasons: The Snake Whip! My favorite item in all of the game. The boss wasn't really my favorite, a bit repetitive in the end it seemed, but still a classic Zelda-style boss where you utilize your precious dungeon item. If the dungeon item is good, that gives the rest of the dungeon lots of potential too, imo, as the temple puzzles often revolve around using the dungeon item.

Honorable mention to Fire Temple for kicking serious amounts of ***, especially the boss battle, most intense in the game yet. Well, tbh, I haven't completed it yet, i'm not that hardcore (i'm at the spirit temple visit after Desert Temple meaning I still have a few bossies left)

Least Favorite:

Well, I feel that saying "Every goddamn visit to that bloody spirit temple" would be cheating, so I'll have my pick amongst the 5.

Desert Temple! I think the dungeon itself was fine, with lots of new enemies, but as with the Ocean Temple, the dungeon item and the puzzles changes my opinion on it heavily.

The sand wand itself is fine! It's just controlling it that's a pain. I think dungeon boss in DT is a pretty classic boss fight, hitting certain spots and such. However, the challenge for me came in controlling those boulders onto the catapults. Half the time they just fell off. Not to mention the block puzzles! I almost bit my DS in half after I commanded the block to go once to the right and instead got one time to the left and then once down.

Uhm... "honorable" mention to the boomerang ice puzzles in ice temple for being more frustrating than dying at a boss battle in the original Super Mario Bros!


I loved the Sand temple with Skleldricth my Least fav would be Fire


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Feb 7, 2010
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I think my favorite dungeon is the Forest Temple. It wasn't too complex and overwhelming and I loved the atmospere it was both similar and different from other forest temples in previous games, and I think it added new unique looks if not, completly new enemies. As well as the very nice new item: Whirlwind, because there was never really an item like it becides the deku leaf having the effect to blow various thing but still very different. Even if there was an item exactly like whirlwind, the way the D.S uses the controls is great because to touch the screen to aim and blow in the mic to use the whirlwind.
My least favorite dungeon is probably the sand temple. Although the sand temples are of the more distinctive dungeons, I feel the one in Spirit Tracks felt a little overwhelming, because when you walk in there's so many ways to go and you just don't know where to start, even though the openness and choice of where to go is what makes Zelda such a great series. It just didn't feel right in this temple, the other half of why I don't like it is just basic difficulty, I normally don't mind difficulty but it got a bit annoying in this temple.


May 24, 2009
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My least favorite Temple was The Forest Temple. It too easy, it was to plain and was to obvious. It had a nice scenery to yes fine, it had some new monsters good fine, but i hate it when it's a little too easy. The Floor-Masters(actually Key-Master) there was the only thing exciting for me. The enemies there were menacing, but that's just for looks, the Boss Battle was a little obvious with the Big purple butt that attracts the players eye to hit it with all their might.

My favorite temple is the Fire Temple. It had a nice background Music Only found there, the Puzzles require concentrationa dn split-second timing and it was one of the most exciting places to die(LOL!!!). The lava pillars were good, so were the bow and Arrow puzzles. I liked the cart ride there, it reminded me of MC. and the Dancing Dragon Dungeon. the Boss battle was a little easy but aiming it at the right moment was kinda hard. It required to think ahead just to predict where to aim at. and then, pop his rock head comes off to reveal his...baldness.


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May 15, 2010
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Fav? that's a toughie.

As some say, if the tower of spirits counts, that is my ABSOLUTE fav. You can come back to it anytime, and it's ALWAYS got those little sections to complete. BTW, does anyone know how to get to the treasure chest on door 2, floor 4 (i think)? I can't get past the fire, or blocky things!

If it doesn't count, then I would have to say fire temple, because it was different to the others, in my opinion. And no key masters? YAY!!!

My least would have to be either Snow temple or Ocean temple. I hate snow because of Fraaz, the most annoying boss ever. he was a NIGHTMARE!! Not to mention when he got rid of the torches. I thought - Uh oh. How do I do it now? And, I HATED the water. I thought it was REPULSIVE, and it had more water than the ocean temple. I also hate the sound of links footsteps on the snow, and that TOTALLY put me off.
I hated the ocean temple because I didn't understand it when it said something like, copy the placement from the floor above. That incident was actually how I came across Zelda Dungeon!!! Thanks for your help guys!! I also didn't like the boss.

So that's my opinion. :) :P :zelda:


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Jan 30, 2010
Great, a good topic.

Well, I personally feel each temple had their own wonders and blunders. Here they are.

The Forest Temple

I loved the atmosphere of this first dungeon. I liked the colours and design of the whole place. And the feeling was mysterious and it constantly felt like something was lurking around every corner. I didn't love the spiders though, when the blew up into purple gas, it kind of irritated me a bit. As for the whirlwind, I loved the idea of the item and how to use it, but the way it acutally worked disspapointed me. It didn't blow away the annoying gas quick enough. And the first boss. Way too obvious, the massive purple abdomen? Come on! It is just so vunerable and obviously what you had to strike. It was just too easy.

The Snow Temple

It was quite...it looked kind of magical and crystal like. But the slippery thing was a bit annoying. I hated the whole idea of making paths on the water, it was a good idea but pointless. It annoyed me when the ice melted because of an enemy. Overall, the snow temple was so boring I can't really remember much. I seem to remember quite liking the bells but hating to push them and then slipping into the water. The boss however, is a different story all together! Fraaz was with no doubt the hardest and most awesome dungeon boss in the game. I just thought the way you had to battle him was very well thought through. And I liked the icy fire idea. Great boss, rubbish temple.

Ocean Temple

Probably my least favourite temple. I liked the design, but not as much as the others. To be honest I don't really remember much of it! :xd: Although, I seem to remember that the boss was quite cool but a bit.....let's just say not the best boss ever... I did like how you had to navigate your way underwater on the tracks, avoiding the evil trains just to get to the temple, that was cool.

Fire Temple

Probably my favourite temple. I loved the atmosphere again, the fire and I could almost feel the heat! It was quite puzzling too. I loved riding around in the mine carts, very fun! They took the idea from MC and made it better. Cragma was great. I loved riding in the cart and shooting him with the bow and arrow. Not as obvious as some of the other bosses.

Sand Temple

Puzzling temple. I liked it a lot. I loved the sand wand, it was totally unique and I would like to see more ideas like it in future games. I liked the whole temple and the boss was fun. I actually found the boss great. The skull type thing almost reminded me of a dry bones from Mario! Although, driving around it shooting the canons was annoying.

Tower of Spirits

Too much like the temple of the ocean king. The phantom thing was repetative and climbing up to the top was really annoying. Despite this, I liked the new idea of using zelda's spirit to go inside a phantom and collecting the tears of light was okay, but a bit too much from TP. I liked the music and the tower was somewhat challenging.

Thankyou for your time and I hope you see my points.


Hmmm. Well my favorite dungeon would have to be the forest dungeon because I thought it was cool with what they did with the Whirlwind and the purple clouds and other stuff in it. I also didn't think it was that hard although it was the first dungeon in the game.

My least favorite (if it counts) is the Tower of Spirits. It was such a pain to go though although Byrne was my favorite boss. I felt rushed even though it wasn't timed because it reminded me of the Temple of the Ocean King. This probably doesn't count, but it is my least favorite dungeon.

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May 15, 2010
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My least favorite is the ocean temple because they was nothing ocean like about it and it had the worst boss.
My favorite would be the fire temple because the boss was the best and it was actually related to fire.
Feb 22, 2010
Favorite Temple: I going to have to say first of all its was in Ocarina of Time and the music was just great. I was like nothing you would can expected the style of the temple and i really liked the poe's you had to kill (the sisters) to get to the boss. I thought they really did a great job with that.

Least Favorite Temple: Was the Ocean Temple. :( This temple was just wrong. I liked how you went under water to go to the temple but when you got inside there was no water nothing!! Idk i wish they could put just a little more in to the temple and the style.

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