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Favourite/Least Favourite Temple in Spirit Tracks


Dec 3, 2008
Well. I believe that it is about time for a thread like this. I mean, every other game has one. So, Spirit Tracks needs one. I'm pretty sure you know the deal. Just give your favourite and least favourite temple, and an explanation why. And. If you can't remember, the temples are:

Forest Temple
Snow Temple
Ocean Temple
Fire Temple
Sand Temple

Here are mine:


My favourite Temple in Spirit Tracks would have to be the Forest Temple. First of all I really like the atmosphere that the Temple gave me. They captured the musty, forest...y, mystical and Temple-like feelings perfectly. And I loved the architecture and textures used in the Temple. The item was also quite interesting, and had some nice uses. While it was a bit easy, I thought that it was a perfect introduction to the game. And it made me want to just keep playing.. So I did. The boss was also quite fun. Not to hard or annoying, and very cool looking and fun to do. It's a pretty good boss all in all.

Least Favourite:

I would have to say that my least favourite Temple was the Sand Temple. While it was an interesting and fun temple, it was rather underwhelming. Especially for the super hyped last temple of the game. First of all, it was very short, and the enemies were extremely easy. The idea of turning those sand mounds into blocks was good, but it was only actually used once. The Sand Wand was used enough, but the controls for those block puzzles were horrid. And the boss was just plain weird. And very, very easy. They should have added another part after the catapulting. This is not to say that it was a bad temple.. It was just underwhelming for it's position in the game. The items were nice however.

So. What's your favourite and least favourite temple? Discuss here.
I have to say my favorite temple is the Fire Temple. It was a little like a Labyrinth, but I'm sure the Sand Temple is as well--I haven't got to the Sand Temple yet; I just beat the Byrne yesterday... I liked battling Cragma and enjoyed the cart mazes. The geysers were fun to ride on as platforms, and I like it the best--so far. My least favorite temple would be... actually, I don't think I have a least favorite. All the temples were well-made and creatively designed. Each had its secrets that were fun to discover, and though some had things I disliked, the overall temple was great.
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Sep 29, 2009
i haven't gotten very far considering that i don't have the game. but i disliked the forest temple, it was to easy and i got through it to fast. i still love that temple though.


I viciously HATE some of the enemies in the Forest Temple, those spider-purple-methane-cloud things are ********, there's no point to them, and they kind of blend in with the floor if you run, but the boss is fun and stuff, so no complaints there.

Snow Temple was boring. I forgot about it already.

Ocean Temple was too long and the boss was strange, in a weird, ew, purple bubbles on neon green quadpus.

Fire Temple was pretty fun, Cragma reminded me of those Yugioh eye things though, and took me quite a while to figure out how to beat. But the temple before him is pretty fun.

Sand Temple was ehhh, I liked the monster things, but those spikeball shooting otter types annoyed me. The boss looked dramatic, but then you beat him in 5 minutes, and he's kind of tacky, like they wanted to extend the game.

I liked the Fire Temple and Sand Temple for the dungeons, but Forest Temple for the boss.

Fire Temple and Forest Temple.
Dec 3, 2009
My favorite has to be ... Tower of Spirits. I now it is not a real dungeon, but I do still really like it. On Floor 2, Door 1, I really enjoyed it when I came back from the forest temple with the whirlwind and blew the phantom across that space of darkness at the top of the map. I also liked warping with warp phantoms, but the phantom eyes were just a nusince (unless I had taken control with the warp phantom). The dungeon boss, Byrne was easy and defeated with no sweat. The torch phantom wasen't torch-ure. I liked whacking the empty flame holders and letting link see with a patch of light. The wrecking phantom was just plain fun. I loved rolling into bomb blocks and distroying them. The alternitive was using bombs which I did not want to do. So...
The Tower of Spirits is my Favorite!!!

I really disliked the Ice Temple. It was extemly hard to get the third bell across the water and into the bell holder when it was water. Fraaz was just... $%&*^%$£" !! I hated it when he spat double fire, double ice together (glitch?) . He was extremly annoying and I hated when he became 2 minier versions of himself and could resurrect themselves!! It was my worst, worst, worst nightmare!! So...
The Ice Temple is my Worst!!!


My favorite was the Fire Temple, mostly because Cragma was so much fun for me (I'm not sure why...). I already forgot what my least favorite one was. It was either Sand or Snow. If it was Snow, it was partly because I don't like the sound of Link's footsteps against the snow. And all of that ice-bell pushing around and Fraaz and uck. I don't like it.
I did really enjoy the Forest Temple because it was the first temple of the game, and it got me excited about the rest of it. But it was super easy.
May 25, 2008
In my house
My favorite temple would have to be the Sand Temple. I just loved it for a last dungeon. You get a new item that's never been in any game before, and it's able to create sand blocks that allow you to transport people and block things with. The puzzles weren't all that bad, I think there should have been more required ones like the ones in the Ends of the Earth Station that really really make you think. And I loved the boss. He did look odd, I'll say that, but I did have the most trouble with him out of any boss in the game.

My problems with the temple though. The sand wand, it's controls were horrid. I had so trouble over and over trying to push something in a certain direction, only to have the sand pop up on the other side and push it the other way that I wanted.

As for my least favorite, I'd have to say the Ocean Temple. In every Zelda game I've ever played, the Water Temple has had water inside of it. Everywhere. It's scattered all over the place. But in this dungeon, the only water I think I ever saw inside was in the boss's room. And there wasn't that much of it either. If this dungeon was a little more water based, I'd like a it a little bit more. The puzzles I didn't like too much to be quite honest. They just don't scream fun for me at all.

What I did like about the dungeon though, the boss was halfway decent. I did have to dodge his attacks every now and then, and I did have some trouble hitting him in the eye with the spike.


As for the other dungeons.

The Forest Temple, was actually a really good first dungeon. It made you think, and it showed you in a lot of ways how to use the things around you to your advantage. What I didn't like about it though, the boss wasn't too good in my opinion. There could've been so many different things you could've done with him, I just don't like fighting him all too much. And the enemy whose name I can't remember for the life of me, after you killed him, he just created that purple goo all over the place. I mean, honestly, what could be the point in that?

The Fire Dungeon was probably my second favorite. It had a lot of fire areas in it, and lots of backtracking. I loved the part near the end where you're going around the entire rooms on the cart trying to hit things at exactly the right time. And the boss I loved. It gave me a challenge. Like every mini game that you always see, where you have to hit a certain number of things to win, well they finally put it in a boss battle. And I loved it.

The Snow Temple just annoyed me in a lot of ways. The constant hitting of the bells and solving all of these things just, didn't work for me. And I got frustrated so many times trying to create a halfway decent path from platform to platform by using the boomerang to create ice paths. The boss was really good though, and I hope to see more like him in the future.


Dec 3, 2009
Ikana Canyon
As for my Favorite I would choose the Sand Temple.I loved the theme to it and the boss.The boss battle was really fun.As for my least Favorite I would have to choose the Ice Temple.Which is actually weird I usually like the Ice Temples.I didn't like the Puzzles nor the boss.That Temple to me was just plain boring but that's my opinion.


Mrs. Austin
Dec 6, 2009
My favorite temple was the Ocean Temple. I think it was either the awesome Whip item or those funny fishy heads with the swords that like to gape at you. Something about the temple was just insanely enjoyable for me.

My least favorite is the Snow Temple. I've never been a big fan of ice based dungeons mostly because I hate moving on ice and getting frozen, but the Snow Temple was extra frustrating for all the water that you could slip into.

Ironically, I hated Phytops (annoying Bellum-wannabe) but loved Fraaz. Fraaz was a boss I felt was both fun and challenging simultaneously; most other bosses are one or the other.


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Nov 28, 2009
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My favorite temple of the Sand Temple. I always love Zelda Temples that have to do with History, or Desert.

For Ex: Spirit Temple(OOT) - Stone Tower Temple(MM)

And because it was extremely short with an amazing boss.


Jan 31, 2008
Amherst, MA
Didn't I already answer this one?
Bah, there's Josh, overdoing it again. :P

Anyway, I would say that my most favorite temple would have to be the Snow Temple. I really, really liked the Snow Temple. I don't know why, but the using the ice torches to make a path across the water was something that just really jumped out to me and caused me to love it even more. I loved going through the dungeon either way. I think that Fraaz was wonderful. He wasn't really all that hard, but I thought he was one of the funner bosses to fight.

As for my least favorite temple, I would have to say the Ocean Temple. I didn't really like going through it at all. Plus, I was like, is this seriously the Ocean Temple? There was more water in the Snow Temple. The boss wasn't very exciting to me. The puzzles didn't really appeal to me or anything.


Dec 16, 2009
United States
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If you count the Tower of Spirits, that would be my favorite becuase there's a lot of treasures and you can control Phantoms. My least favorite is the Ocean Temple because of the boss and the Key Masters and the length of the dungeon. Even though Key Masters are in the Tower of Spirits, Zelda carried the key instead. If you don't count the ToS, then my fav. is either the Fire Temple or Sand Temple because it had good atmosphere and great bosses.

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Aug 19, 2009
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Does this include the Tower of Spirits? If it does it's my favorite. If not my favorite is... the Snow Temple.

The puzzles were very fun and the boss, though just average difficulty, was fun as well.

After all this dungeon took my very favorite dungeon theme (ice obviously) and made it awesome. Having to use the boomerang to carry icy fire (or firey ice whatever it is) over water to freeze it is a really unique idea.

Plus using fire to melt ice and snow to reveal hidden stuff is pretty cool too. Not to mention the bells. Dang I loved those bells. And the ice sliding puzzles were really fun as well.

Not to mention Fraaz was fun what with whacking him with fire and ice and then smacking him with your sword, melting the cute little EVIL gerbils was fun too. And then he kills his parents and youu have to use the residual ice or fire to whack him adds a fun new challenge. Not to mention the way he dies is absolutely epic!! Snow Temple all the way!!

My least favorite dungeon was... the Forest Temple. It was just really disappointing to me.

The puzzles were decently creative but really just way too easy.

And the enemies were absolutely pathetic.

I mean well all first Zelda dungeons (lol site reference) are cakewalks but this one just takes the cake as the easiest dungeon in the entire series.

Not to mention the boss was really lame. A giant stag beetle... really Nintendo? You couldn't think of something a little more creative? We've been fighting giant bugs since the very first Legend of Zelda for Nayru's sake! Sorry about my little mini rant but I just had to get that out.

And also did I mention this boss was EASY?!

Okay so it was a little bit creative but just blowing wind on it's rear to stun it? I don't get how a gust of wind on it's butt would stun it. I get how a bomb to the face would but wind on the butt? That's just WRONG!!

Okay so now you know my favorite and least favorite dungeons and why they take those titles.


Sep 20, 2008
My favourite temple in the game would have to be the Fire Temple. I loved the dungeon theme, and it had a great atmosphere.
I also loved Cragma, the boss of the Dungeon. Riding the Mine Carts around him and shooting the weak points was fun (Even though I ran out of arrows half way through the battle :P)
Other than that, the puzzles were nice, such as the puzzle to get the boss key.

My least favourite dungeon- The Snow Temple. Yes, the boss battle against Fraaz was quite enjoyable, but the atmosphere of the entire dungeon was horrible.
The dungeon didn't have many puzzles, the main one was the Bell Puzzle in the Main Room.
(Which was very annoying. It refused to accept the order in which I hit the bells, even though the order was correct. [It accepted it eventually though])

I loved the Tower of Spirits too. The great thing about it was not having to repeat the floors to progress, and it had many puzzles that kept me interested. The integration of Phantom Posession was fun too. (Especially the Warp Phantoms)


Boy, tough one.

Favorite Temple:

The Ocean Temple. Though it wasn't really a water temple, as it should of been, I really really enjoyed the dungeon. And one of the biggest reasons: The Snake Whip! My favorite item in all of the game. The boss wasn't really my favorite, a bit repetitive in the end it seemed, but still a classic Zelda-style boss where you utilize your precious dungeon item. If the dungeon item is good, that gives the rest of the dungeon lots of potential too, imo, as the temple puzzles often revolve around using the dungeon item.

Honorable mention to Fire Temple for kicking serious amounts of ***, especially the boss battle, most intense in the game yet. Well, tbh, I haven't completed it yet, i'm not that hardcore (i'm at the spirit temple visit after Desert Temple meaning I still have a few bossies left)

Least Favorite:

Well, I feel that saying "Every goddamn visit to that bloody spirit temple" would be cheating, so I'll have my pick amongst the 5.

Desert Temple! I think the dungeon itself was fine, with lots of new enemies, but as with the Ocean Temple, the dungeon item and the puzzles changes my opinion on it heavily.

The sand wand itself is fine! It's just controlling it that's a pain. I think dungeon boss in DT is a pretty classic boss fight, hitting certain spots and such. However, the challenge for me came in controlling those boulders onto the catapults. Half the time they just fell off. Not to mention the block puzzles! I almost bit my DS in half after I commanded the block to go once to the right and instead got one time to the left and then once down.

Uhm... "honorable" mention to the boomerang ice puzzles in ice temple for being more frustrating than dying at a boss battle in the original Super Mario Bros!

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