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  • you're welcome. :3
    I just find it funny also because recently I've been teaching myself how to play Zelda songs on the Piano/Keyboard xP
    I already can play all of Lost Woods/Saria's Song... xD

    Anyway, I must say though.... that I can't read sheet music. At all.... I can only play stuff based on the way stuff sounds :x
    and my music selection is very limited... I'm not that good ._.
    (I only know how to play Ocarina songs (NOT full-length- other than Saria's Song), and Korobeiniki (most famously known as the "Tetris theme" )
    Hi :D
    I like your signature. It amuses me xD
    (sorry, I've seen you before on here mainly in... Corrupt a Wish I think)
    Anyway, just wanted to say, "hey, nice signature" x3
    Of course, Nintendo is making a Zelda game for Nintendo 3DS, they made one for all their systems (bar the failure that was the Virtual Boy) since the NES.
    I'm doing well here too! School ends in about two weeks, so it's nice! :cool:
    About 10 minutes. I feel bad for messing up the hands, though. The hands are ALWAYS the hardest to draw.
    Oh, and on another topic, do you hate Mario? Cus I do! If you do, You can join my group, Mario Hate Club (I doubt you do, cus he's SOOOO popular:right:).
    Alright, here it is (cue drumroll)
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