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Favorite/Least Favorite Dungeons

TL The Legend

Likes OoT way more than he should.
Dec 18, 2020
Kokiri Forest
the same as ganon
Turtle Rock (I really liked the creative use of the Cane of Somaria. Really makes you think. The boss is pretty cool too--kind of like Twinrova but a lot more dangerous. Only thing I don't like is the constant use of magic)

Palace of Winds. I love the constant flight and the creative boss fight. There's so many great ideas that were used in this dungeon, like needing the Big Key twice and an outdoor boss fight.

Fire Temple (OoT). It's a really creative dungeon and I love the creative uses of the Megaton Hammer. The boss feels really awesome--it's a literal Goron-eating dragon.

Great Bay Temple. Maybe the fact that I played MM on N64, instead of 3DS which has worse Zora movement, but I found this temple to be really cool. It's kind of like the Water Temple except a lot faster and more intuitive of a dungeon. The boss is a little annoying but it's overall not a bad dungeon at all. Definitely the best water dungeon in the series.

Jabu-Jabu's Belly (OoT). I don't care what you say, this is not a water dungeon. Also, I really liked the constant use of the Boomerang here, i really appreciate dungeons that constantly use their key item. Yes, Ruto is annoying cliche tsundere character intensifies but it's a creative mechanic and once you figure out what you need her for (and that you can kill things with her too. Getting hit by a Stinger or Bari only for Ruto to fall out of your grip and kill them is hilarious) it's just a minor inconvenience. Not to mention that after beating Big Octo you don't see her again until after you beat Barinade.

Least favorites:
Dodongo's Cavern. Maybe the fact that I constantly got stuck there as a kid doesn't help, but I find it to be a really bland dungeon. The boss is really easy and repetitive, the minibosses are just boring, and the puzzles are thoroughly unspectacular. I get that it's the second dungeon but at least make it challenging. I had a harder time in the Deku Tree than DC.

Eastern Palace (ALttP): They should rename this the Stalfos Palace, because I swear half the enemies here are Stalfos. The boss is extremely boring and there's nothing good to say about this.

Fortress of Winds: Sure, it gives you the really useful Ocarina of Winds but you don't even use it here. Meanwhile, you DO have to use the Mole Mitts and it's boring i hate it who thought this was a good idea. I liked the creative boss, which makes it a little lower on my least favorites list, but a good boss can't make up for a horrible dungeon.
Jan 10, 2022

Hyrule Castle (BotW) - I remember my first night I got the game, the first thing I did was head directly for it despite knowing next to nothing about the game ahead of time. Getting to the very top without getting destroyed by everything was the first real thrill I’ve felt in the series in a long time.

Sky Keep - Having adungeon where you can manipulate the structure so freely is a neat idea, just wish it had been longer.

Sandship - Everything about this entire section of the game is just amazing, but I especially loved the gyro aiming for the bow here. Really neat.

Wind Temple - Gotta admit, mostly it’s for the unique atmosphere but I do love this dungeon despite some of the jank. Just the weird friendly nature of it with some sinister undertones.

Sword & Shield Maze - honestly a majority of the Seasons dungeons are great, just enjoyed this one having a dual theme and being in Subrosia.

Least favorites:

Pretty much any from TP lol

Shadow Temple - I appreciate some things about it more now I’m older but I still don’t like how linear it is, kind of feels like a drag, especially if you miss opening up the shortcuts.

probably one from LoZ but that’s more about me being bad than the game itself. I remember struggling with Darknuts and Wizrobes a lot.
Feb 4, 2022
I love almost all of the 3D dungeons and they're always my favorite part of the game along with the story, but I have to admit the WW ones aren't that amazing compared to the others imho. BOTW 5 main dungeons are obviously not very developed compared to the rest, but I still liked them a lot, and if we could mash together all the shrines, it would be great. As for 2D: I love all of ALTTP dungeons; the rest of 2D is good, BUT the first 2 games I only enjoy using a guide, lol
Nov 30, 2021
Ocarina of Time, Forest Temple: Normally I'd choose Water Temple since I love the challenge and complex layout and moving the water is fun but its a slug to move through, so I'll choose forest temple, mainly because of the rotating hallway and the its somewhat complex

Majora's Mask, Stone Tower Temple: Flipping the dungeon is really creative and leads to a lot of interesting things in the dungeon, like seeing the upside down chests earlier and then having to backtrack to get them once you flip the dungeon

Wind Waker, Wind Temple: I love the scale of this dungeon and and its the only dungeons that I thought was somewhat challenging in Wind Waker, and playing as Makar is fun

Twilight Princess, Lakebed Temple: challenging and turning the staircase to move the water creates a good dungeon, I also like Arbiter's grounds because of the Spinner and the Boss

Skyward Sword, Sandship and Ancient Cistern: The time travel puzzles are awesome in Sandship, which is mainly why this is my favorite. But I hate the boss so Ancient Cistern ranks about the same for having a great dungeon and boss

Breath of the Wild, Hyrule Castle: love the open layout that you can just explore, with a few locks and keys and a few more puzzles and a boss key this would be my favorite dungeon of all time

I would do the 2d games but it's been a while since I played a 2d Zelda and the 2d dungeons are harder to remember
Nov 30, 2021
how do you feel about the wind temple in the wind waker?

edit: oh nvm i missed your post, haha
but yea its like basically a water temple so i was wondering

I prefer the harder temples in Zelda games. Dungeons like Shadow Temple are ones I don't like mostly because of how easy and straightforward they are. I also don't like the majority of Wind Waker's dungeons, since they basically guide you along the correct path, an example would be once you get the boomerang in Forbidden Woods, they lead you right to where you have to use it, the flower you have to cut down (you literally can't miss it). It doesn't reward players who were observant and remembered that the flower was held up by vines that can be cut.
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Apr 4, 2012
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I can't believe I've never posted in this thread before... I've just not taken the time to do it, but I guess I'll try to a little bit from now on.
I don't think I've got an overall favorite or least favorite dungeon of the entire series. There's just too many to choose from, and I'd have to sit down and compare each and every dungeon to one another to come to a conclusion on that, which I won't do.

Instead I'll just do it for each game individually. Well, one the ones I can do it. What do I mean by that? Well some games I've not played enough times to have an opinion on them really, or I've just not been able to play the game.

Example 1 is The Legend of Zelda. I've played through the entire game once (up until Death Mountain, where I stopped for some reason (I think some other new game came out at that point in time, and I prioritized playing that instead of my TLoZ playthrough) and I just never came back to it), and seeing as all the dungeons are so visually similar to one another, I don't really have a favorite or a least favorite among them.
Example 2 is Zelda 2: Adventure of Link. The few times I've played it (got it on Gamecube) I've never beaten the first boss, Horsehead, and I've not found the game interesting enough to keep at it. Thus I've only played through 1 dungeon in that game.

But for this post, I'll give my answer to my favorite and least favorite dungeons from A Link To The Past.
ALttP is one of my least favorite Zelda-games (still a great game, just compared to other Zeldas for me), so I've not played it overly much. My least favorite dungeon from that game is Tower of Hera. Mainly because of the infuriating boss Moldorm that keeps knocking you down and resets the battle each time that happens. But also because of all the other holes and Hardhat Beetles and many other annoyances.
My favorite dungeon from ALttP is probably Misery Mire. I feel like it's a very underrated dungeon in that game, but I've always enjoyed it. The dungeon item, the Cane of Somaria, is also very unique, while still being somewhat useful in other parts of the game (looking at you TP). The boss might not be the most memorable one in the game, but at least it has a cool name, Vitreous!

I'll give more answers some other time when I post in here ^^
Jun 16, 2022
Arbiter's Grounds TP
SnowPeak Ruins TP
Forest Temple OoT
Lakebed Temple TP
Temple of Time TP
Palace of Twilight TP
Shadow Temple OoT
Spirit Temple OoT
City in the Sky TP
Goron Mines TP
Water Temple OoT... yes seriously if i pay attention... even if morpha is a disappointment
Hyrule Castle TP

Least Favourites
All Divine Beasts... i suppose i come nearest to liking Vah Ruta
Hyrule Castle BoTW
Forsaken Fortress WW
Temple of the Ocean King PH
Great Bay MM
Tower of Hera ALttP... curse you Moldorm!

Going to play through OoT again and remind myself, then Skyward Sword is next, then BoTW again
Oct 15, 2022
Favorites from various games:

ALTTP: Ice Palace
LA: Turtle Rock
OOT: Forest Temple
MM: Stone Tower Temple
WW: Dragon Roost Island
MC: Palace of Winds
TP: Arbiter’s Grounds
SS: Ancient Cistern
ALBW: Thieve’s Hideout
BOTW: Hyrule Castle


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Oct 28, 2022
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My favorite dungeons are probably (in no particular order) the Forest and Shadow Temples in Ocarina of Time, Stone Tower Temple in Majora's Mask, the Snowpeak Ruins and Palace of Twilight in Twilight Princess and the Temple of the Ocean King in Phantom Hourglass. The theme and presentation of a dungeon tend to stick with me more so than the actual layout or puzzles (Unless the central gimmick of the dungeon is a real banger like Stone Tower Temple for instance)


Mar 8, 2023
House of Gales from ALBW is the one that immediately comes to mind, it was just a lot of fun. Its Dark Palace is worth mentioning as well.
I also like Minish Cap's dungeons in general. They felt creative and made good use of their respective environments. Deepwood Shrine might actually be my favourite of them, but I enjoyed them all.
The only 3D dungeons I've played so far are OoT's (plus some shrine in BOTW), in which Spirit Temple was my favourite followed closely by Fire Temple.

As for least favourites I'm not too keen on OoT's or OoA's Jabu Jabu's belly. The Oracle games had some good ones, like OoA's Ancient Tomb and OoS's Snake's remains, but overall I found them quite forgettable and in OoA especially I found most of the dungeon music very grating.

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