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Favorite/Least Favorite Dungeons

Requiem Of Spirit

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Feb 16, 2021
My favourite dungeons are the Spirit Temple in Ocarina of Time, the Gerudo Fortress and Stone Tower Temple in Majora's Mask, the Ancient Cistern in Skyward Sword and the Tower Of Hera in A Link Between Worlds. Using the hammer in ALBW was so fun and I think it was an original take on dungeon puzzles.

I'm enjoying the Divine Beasts in Botw and I like how each is an animal and have distinct themes, colors and elements
(like water, thunder, fire, air...
) associated with their region/race; although they don't feel much like "dungeons" or temples to me. They're more like a boss level. The shrines are fun too, but I wouldn't say they're dungeons/temples either, more like 3D puzzles. Maybe because they all have the same theme
(Sheikah tech)
, regardless of region or surroundings.

My least favourite dungeon is the Fire Temple in Ocarina of Time. I find it a little boring compared to the other OoT dungeons.
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Jul 7, 2014
One for each of the 3D Zeldas:


OoT: Forest Temple
MM: Stone Tower Temple
WW: Earth Temple
TP: Arbiter's Grounds
SS: Ancient Cistern
BotW: Vah Naboris

Least Favorite:

OoT: Jabu Jabu's Belly
MM: Snowhead Temple
WW: Forsaken Fortress
TP: Palace of Twilight
SS: Earth Temple
BotW: Vah Medoh

Mikey the Moblin

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Aug 31, 2014
southworst united states
I tend to like dungeons that have a strong aesthetic theme and stick to them
I'm generally a fan of the dungeons with a dungeon-wide mechanic or the lock and key puzzle box style dungeons

I tend not to be a fan of the "get something from this room, back to the main room, to the next room, back to the main room" style of backtracking that happens to be prevalent in twilight princess but ultimately the only thing I care about is if I like the aesthetic theme, everything else is just tendencies
Jan 11, 2021
OoT: Water Temple
MM: Stone Tower Temple
TWW: Tower of the Gods
TP: Snowpeak Mansion
SS: Ancient Cistern
BotW: Hyrule Castle
TotK: Wind Temple

Z1: Level 6/The Dragon
Z2: The Great Palace
ALttP: Thieve's Town
LA: Turtle Rock
OoS: Ancient Ruins
OoA: Jabu Jabu's Belly
FS: Talus Cave
FSA: Pyramid
TMC: Temple of Droplets
PH: Temple of the Ocean King
ST: Sand Temple
ALBW: House of Gales
TFH: Grim Temple

Least Favorite:
OoT: Inside the Great Deku Tree
MM: Woodfall Temple
TWW: Forbidden Woods
TP: Goron Mines
SS: Fire Sanctuary
BotW: Vah Ruta
TotK: Spirit Temple

Z1: Level 3/The Manji
Z2: Maze Palace
ALttP: Misery Mire
LA: Bottle Grotto
OoS: Unicorn's Cave
OoA: Skull Dungeon
FS: Vaati's Palace
FSA: Tower of Winds
TMC: Dark Hyrule Castle
PH: Temple of Courage
ST: Forest Temple
ALBW: Dark Palace
TFH: Ice Temple
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not actually Canadian
Feb 19, 2020
SS: Ancient Cistern and Sand Ship
MM: Stone Tower Temple

Least Favorite:
TP: City in the Sky
AOL: Great Palace
LoZ Second Quest: Level Seven for personal reasons: this dungeon will send you back to the beginning if you go through the wrong passage. After trying ages to get trough it, I accidentally hit the power button on the NES Classic instead of the reset button and lost that progress.
Nov 25, 2010
Montreal, Canada
I never really had a dislike for any of the dungeons in The Legend of Zelda franchise. There are some in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link I find frustrating. There is the infamous Water Temple in Ocarina of Time. Ganon's Tower in A Link to the Past can be a pain in the butt if you do not know what you are doing.
Oct 6, 2016
Manly man

Skull Woods(ALttP)

Ancient Cistern(SS)

Forest Temple(OoT)

Stone Tower Temple(MM)

Ganon's Tower(ALttP)

Turtle Rock(ALttP)

Vah Naboris(BotW)

Spirit Temple(OoT)

Tower of the Gods(TWW)

Dark Palace(ALBW)

Hyrule Castle(BotW)

Arbiter's Grounds(TP)

Sand Temple(ST)

Final Trial(BotW)

Lanayru Mining Facility(SS)

Snowpeak Ruins(TP)

Desert Palace(ALBW)

Eagle's Tower(LA)

This doesn't even cover all of them.

I still have to think about my least favourites, though.
Oct 27, 2021

Goron Mines - TP
The moving components and creative use of the Iron Boots to walk along the ceiling make this one of my favorites. Confusing design for an actual mine, but a great design for a dungeon.

Desert Palace - ALBW
The music and lighting make this place incredibly atmospheric. A joy from start to finish. I never wanted it to end.

Ocean Temple - Spirit Tracks
The whip is one of my favorite Zelda items, and it gets great use here!

Water Temple - OOT 3D
Water dungeons are some of my favorites, and this one is no exception. Creative use of Farore's Wind and UI upgrades from the original version make everyone's least-favorite dungeon into a fun puzzle. I'm proud of myself for solving this one without a guide.

Vah Naboris - BotW
Even though some of my favorite memories are of Vah Ruta, linking the electricity throughout Vah Naboris makes this one my favorite.


Bottom of the Well - OOT Minidungeon
You need the lens of truth to get through the dungeon but you have to get through the dungeon the get the lens of truth!! Miserable.

Temple of the Ocean King - Phantom Hourglass
I hate timers and I hate things that CHASE ME

Jabu-Jabu's Belly - OOT
It's gross!

Snow Temple - Spirit Tracks
My ex beat this dungeon, so my only memories of it are walking in and immediately getting frozen, haha!

Mikey the Moblin

if I had a nickel for every time I ran out of spac
ZD Champion
Aug 31, 2014
southworst united states
Favorite has to be Hyrule Castle at the end of A Link Between Worlds. That's the ultimate Zelda feeling for me! The music that progressively changes throughout the dungeon is one of the best things ever.
finally, someone else who recognizes the genius of lorule castle theme
it's so blatantly a nod to mozart that I smile every time I listen to it
May 11, 2011
For the 3D titles:

OOT - Forest Temple
MM - Snowhead Temple
TWW - Dragon Roost Cavern
TP - Snowpeak Ruins (or Hyrule Catle, can't decide)
SS - Sandship
BOTW - Hyrule Castle

Least Favourite:
OOT - Ganon's Castle (as it's just uses themes from the other dungeons)
MM - Great Bay Temple
TWW - Wind Temple
TP - Palace Of Twilight
SS - Fire Sanctuary
BOTW - Vah Rudania

Regarding the 2D dungeons, I have trouble distinguishing a lot of those. But some of my favourites are Ice Ruins (ALBW) and Desert Palace (ALBW). Also Palace Of Darkness from ALBW, and Palace Of The Winds (from Minish Cap).

I can't really think of a least favourite 2D dungeon, except I suppose all of AOL's dungeons.

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