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Majora's Mask Favorite Character from MM


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Jun 20, 2012
New Jersey
I liked Tatl and Tael. The reason for that is because I loved how their bond with each other as brother and sister was very strong. Like at that scene when Tatl and Tael were reunited. It touched my heart ^^.


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Feb 8, 2011
I can tell you upfront that my least favorite MM character is the Goron Elder's son. That part in Goron Village nearly drove me berserk.

As for a favorite, I probably like the Deku King the most. He's absolutely certain that the Monkey in the cage is the one who lured his daughter into Woodfall Temple. His shortsightedness it what makes him lovable, despite his grudge against the Monkey. But his reaction of astonishment upon seeing the Deku Princess return is priceless; yet he was quick to admit his error and quickly made things right with their former captive.

Mikau and Darmani were also cool characters. Despite their brief appearances I was intrigued by them, and still am whenever I play Majora's Mask up to them.


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Hmm... should I? Meh, what could go wrong.

Igos Du Ikana. I have a lot of characters in MM that stick with me to this day (heck, Cremia partly because of potential victim sympathy, Romani because of how lovably oblivious she was, the Gorman brothers, I could go on...), but Ikana's king is probably the one of the most mysterious. You might also know him as one of the most annoying enemies in the game, because of how much damage he could give you with one slash and the fact that he literally had a very commanding, *ahem* presence. You know, the nightmarish part where he uses his flying head.

In spite of how much I hated him for that fight (a lot), the story of the fallen kingdom of Ikana still has an intriguing nature to me. When he scolds his servants after the fight:

Will you stop?!!? What Fools!

Haven't you begun to understand?

The kingdom being ruined and us left in this state...

Isn't it petty, little battle like this that have caused it?

Believeing in your friends and embracing that belief by forgiving failure...

These feelings have vanished from our hearts.

The highlighted part, in particular. It's impressive to try and imagine the size and number of fights and misunderstandings between people of the kingdom to have it turned into those ruins. Things like that happen to everyone, and Igos' statement strikes me as a realization of that for some reason. Says a lot with just a few lines.

Kaepora Gaebora or whatever he's called on this game. I'm not even joking I love how annoying he is, I can't help but feel he knows it as well XD.

He did.

Mikau and Darmani were also cool characters. Despite their brief appearances I was intrigued by them, and still am whenever I play Majora's Mask up to them.

They were. Their sacrifices some of the things that made MM's bittersweet feel for me.


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Nov 17, 2011
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My fave NPC is actually ??? I just love the overall creepiness of a disembodied hand coming out of nowhere requesting toilet paper from a young boy so it can...you know :)

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Apr 4, 2012
My favorite NPC is Kafei, I loved his sidequest
But he technically isn't an NPC, you DO play as him at some point in the game


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Jul 4, 2012
If a boss counts i would say Odolwa. He's so nice to battle.
I really liked beating him the first time and later with Fierce Deity mask i could kill him in less then 5 seconds.
Also this is my very first post on the forum.

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