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  • WAIT, WHAT ARE ALL THESE HAPPY BIRTHDAY POSTS? It was your birthday and you didn't TELL ME? How COULD you, Peepsie!
    Hi. I'm still alive and I'm very glad you're still alive, but I'll have to respond to your message later. Why'd you stop editing the wiki, by the way? I didn't write that huge guide for you for nothing. :P
    Hahaha! I'm at... 54. In just Zelda songs. I downloaded all the ones I could think of off the top of my head first – Gerudo Valley, Molgera, Blizetta, Ballad of the Wind Fish, Realm Overworld, etc. – by searching them on YouTube and then using an online converter to get an mp3. And then I got the symphony songs. And then I looked through an SS playlist and downloaded everything that I even somewhat liked. I'll check out ZU.

    You're uncle sounds really awesome. None of my family members like video games except for my sister. :P

    That sounds like something I would do. :P Oh, I remember years ago having that problem with these spiders in Wizard101... They were Ice school too, so they just frustrated the heck out of me and I couldn't collect what I needed to. So I went and played TP (which I was in the process of completeing for the first time), where I was in the Temple of Time, and I was SO shocked to find out that the boss was a giant freaking spider. I'd gotten on TP to get AWAY from the spiders. XD

    You can probably just send in a sample of a fanfiction, you know. The sample of writing doesn't have to be an article. ...I think. And, yes, I'm quite certain you could make it in. You're an excellent writer, and they've let in people that I probably wouldn't have accepted, so you're pretty safe. ^^

    Sure, ask me whatever about the wiki. I'd be extremely happy to help. I love answering questions. :P You can PM me if you want, or you can just write a VM. Whatever.

    Oh, you and your Zelda stuff... XD
    Hey, so, I downloaded that mp3 app you were talking about! At least, I think that was it. I have a mixture of Zelda songs, pony songs, and Random Encounters musicals on my iPad now... I was listening to them while I was playing Skyrim the other day. Very fun. :P Do you have any particular site you get good Zelda mp3s from?

    I actually have the free version of the Minecraft pocket edition. But I don't feel any overwhelming desire to buy it like I did before I had the PC version. Now that I am premium on my computer, I rarely ever play the pocket editon. YOU should get the premium version. Then you can play online with me. We'd finally have a shared online game again, because I don't really play Wizard101 anymore. ^^

    Oh, speaking of online games, I'm not so sure about Aion. To me, it just looks like a typical MMORPG... nothing about it really sets itself apart from other RPGs, and I'm not a huge fan of typical RPGs. I seriously get bored to death, running around on quests with "I click this and you die" combat. XD Wizard101, at least, I felt like you had a bit of strategy to it, having to decide which cards were in your deck. And it also made it so that you never knew what spell you'd have to make do with – I'm not pretending to know much about their combat system, but it reminds me of something like Lord of the Rings online, which I played a while ago. Isn't it just you use an attack and then there's a cooldown on it? Please correct me if I'm wrong, haha; I'm actually really curious, even if I sound like I'm being mean to it. :P

    Oh, you SHOULD apply for Article Writer! Haha, I got accepted to the article section a while ago with the intention of writing an LA article... annnd now I'm having second thoughts about it. I wish I had an idea. I'd love to write an article. Maybe I should just write about LA... Oh! And you know what you should do in addition to being an Article Writer? Work on the wiki. :P

    Um... I haven't responded to your previous message yet, and I'm too busy (lazy) to do it right now...

    I'm a horrible person. D:

    I USE SCHOOL AS MY EXCUSE. Because I really don't have as much time as before. It's depressing. I hate school.
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