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Fave Zelda Race All Games



i love the zoras in MM bacause you can swim really fast and shoot the fins and the magic power sheild is bad ***
Dec 21, 2011
The gorons from all Zelda games because they seem to be the sarcastic/laid back type and usually have the best dialogue out of all the races. Their jokes make me laugh and their personalities match mine so I really understand them I guess.

The gorons in SS fit that description to a tee. They were by far the funniest out of all the Gorons yet.

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Feb 11, 2012
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I like deku scrubs! (did you know when I first heard my brother talk about them I thought they were called deku shrubs?)


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Mar 11, 2011
Amsterdam, NY
The Sheikah, by far.

Some people debate whether they are an actual RACE, and not just a group. I think they are a race, so I pick them every time. They are mysterious, hidden in the shadows with skills unmatched by common enemies. They focus on the Truth in matters, and protect people with their lives. They influence games even when they aren't in them. (Ex: Sheikah symbol on Zelda's cloak in TP)

They are also called "The Shadows of Hylians" showing a relation with Hylians. They look like them with their pointed ears and human features. A distinct indicator is red eyes. Their appearance has always fascinated me. From Impa in SS to OoT, they change and develop, while remaining with similar attributes.

The race of the Sheikah isn't always explained. How are they raised, what do their clothing and status mean, ranks, etc. They are a race open for speculation and exploration, which I like.

Well, um, yeah. I guess you got my point. ;)


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My favourites are the Ritos. Sadly they've only appeared in The Wind Waker so far, but still, I find them to be the most interesting tribe. I like their looks, their island, their culture, their characters, their island song and most of all their ability to fly. Ritos are cool! :cool:


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Jan 10, 2012
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My answer is zoras.They are my favorite because of their agility in the water. And I also love how in every Zelda game you get to acquire their skill in one form or another via mask,tunic,armor,etc. Even though the Zora were not in Skyward Sword you eventually end up being able to swim like one minus the walking on the bottom of water. And do not get me started on Mikau's guitar... Zoras FTW!

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