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Nov 8, 2009
Washington, USA
Name: Al'Du Ren
Race: Deku
Appearance: where's a crown that has a unique metal attached to it. this metal helps Al'Du's agility,speed,and power.
Age: 37
Brief Bio: Al'du was crown prince to a small Deku Kingdom in Holodrum. His Kingdom was destroyed by a fire that also afected Holodrum. Al'Du then abandoned Holodrum after he swore never to come back to that place that ruined his life. He fled to Hyrule,but at the wrong time.


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Jul 30, 2010
Wherever history is in the making
name: Chucky
Race: cucco
Apearence: totally gold, (like that golden cucco in TP)
Brief bio: irretating, immortal and selfish. Doesn't care about any one, thinks everyone else is inferiour (even Ganon, that is probably the reason he's in the dungeon), and is really over-couraged.
He is the king of the cucco race, the royal family of the cucco's are gold like the triforce, he doesn't have a part of it but because the link with the triforce he is just as intelligent as any one else.
Allthough he is invurnerable, he isn't really immortal. Her are some things:
- he's just a chicken, chickens can't wield weapons etc. so he can't kill stronger enemies (darknuts, bosses, skeletons, redeads,...).
- a chicken can't open a door
- he is invurnerable, but NOT immortal. If he got trapped in a spiderweb (or something like that) he can die of starvation/thirst. He is not "super"-strong so he's easely trapped.
- he can only communicate with kokiri, deku, poes, skull kid.
- because he can fly and he is small, he is able to squeeze trough all tiny holes in the wall etc.

Because of his incredible selfish attitude he doesn't want to cooperate with anyone (even if that person saved his live more as 50 times).
Like that cucco in TP, the only real things he says are stupid things like "I'm gold and you are not".
(this character isn't ment to be a main character, more as a character you meet everywhere (if he got stuck somewhere) and some people of course think he's cute while others hate him)
Sep 10, 2008
Name : Blue
Race: Zora
Age: 16
Appearance: Carried a sword, in a sheath. Uses a bow and arrow with mastery, though can sometimes be taken aback in combat by how fast people move in air since he is used to water.

Backstory: Blue has always been fascinated by Hylians, and the way they act, but is a Zora outcast for using Hylian weapons as opposed to Zora weapons- and using them in anger against a fellow Zora.

Personality: Blue is calm and collected usually, but can also be reckless and foolish sometimes. He is always cyncial,and sarcastic.


Another person, hey?

Name: Maria
Race: Deku
Appearance: Deku. Not much more to say. Wears a wreath of flowers on her head, and a dress made of leaves.
Brief bio: Her wizard friend enchanted the wreath of flowers so that whenever she wore it, she would never die. Now she never takes it off. If you wanted to kill her, that would be the place to start, but she protects it very carefully. She also uses Deku Nuts and can spit them so fast they catch fire as they hurtle along.


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Mar 22, 2010
Race: Kokiri
age: 11
weapon: Boomerang
Appearance: Green tunic, Green head band, no shoes
Brief bio: He is an amnesiac who awakens in the lost woods somewhere in the beginning of the story.

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