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Dungeons of Darkness Sign Up Thingy


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alright, im going to make a small little story thing and need characters for it. the plot is that in OoT Ganon Defeated link and took over hyrule.
every year he takes three people from every race and puts them in a long, 50 floor chamber where they fight to the death. i need people to sign up for this. if there isnt enough people when i decide to start ill just make up some people.

sign up should look like this:
Race: ( only three per race )
Brief bio: ( not needed but would be nice )

Alright, the races are:

Hylian:Inko Trate Rami, Majoca,Pandora( FULL)
Goron:Gor Yogou, ,
Zora: Alex of Embria,blue ,
Deku:Al'Du Ren, maria ,
Kokori: sharon , ,

i just read the submishion rules, id say this would be pg 13 or pg
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Nov 8, 2009
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Name: Inko Trate Rami
Race: Hylian
Apearance: Brown corduroy pants, white cotton shirt, Dark brown boots, brown leather gauntlets, black bandana, Dark green cloak, Dark Brown hair, Dark green eyes, peach skin
Brief Bio: after his parents died during a fishing accident, Inko was raised on an island near the accident. His father left him a Crystal Dagger. Inko used this to become a carpenter. he now adventures the lands he meets,hoping to find a place to settle.

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Sep 3, 2010
Name: Majoca
Race: Hylian
Appearance: Dark blue rags, ruffled brown hair, torn brown boots and the one thing that doesn't suck about him - a humongous shining sword sheathed on his back
Bio: A poor orphan that taught himself how to wield a sword after his parents were killed by moblins. He uses his sword to fend off the many evil creatures plaguing Hyrule.


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Name: Pandora
Nickname: Panda
Age: 13
Race: Hylian
Apearence: Black hair, blue eyes, kind smile, tanish (ish, remember, ish) skin.
Brief bio: Ran away from home at age 10, has been living with a store manager, and helps around the store. She is also very good with the bow and arrow. (I better stop from there and let you create the story :3)


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Mar 15, 2010
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Sorry, just saying. I'd like to have signed up as a Hylian, but those spots are filled. I'd rather not choose a non-human-like race, but I just don't know if there would be any advantage from being Kokiri.
Hah, sounds like I'm taking this so seriously.


Hmm... looks like this one may turn out good! I'm in!

Name: Sharon
Race: Kokiri
Appearance: Bushy blonde hair, green eyes (they become brown when she has exhausted her magic, but will slowly become green again), green shirt and skirt (typical Kokiri clothing)
Brief Bio: Just a typical Kokiri.
She has forest magic, but she can only use it if she really needs to, as it tires her out. Average with a sword, but prefers to use magic.
That is, if you're letting us use magic :) If not, just include the sword part. :D:P:D:P
Name: Alex of Embria
Race: Zora
Appearance: A normal Zora with three tails on his head and a gold ring on each elbow.
Age: 16
Brief Bio: He is directly related to the queen of the Zoras. Is King Zora's step son, Ruto's half brother (older), and next in line to the thrown. He, at the time of OoT (past) was in a land known as Embria to the east of Zora's Domain. In the future of OoT, he is there but frozen in ice.
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Sep 3, 2010
Name: Gor Yogou
Race: Goron
Appearance: Very large goron, his head is spiky. He has tribal markings on his stomach, though it's different compared to normal gorons.
Age: He's a goron - he's probably been alive for a million years.
Brief bio: The leader of the gorons - their Patriarch. He is very proud and honestly believes that he is the strongest being in Hyrule.

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