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Breath of the Wild Discussion About Zelda Wind Waker U



I wasn't too internally sure where to post this. But I thought this might be in the correct place, if it isn't could someone move it? Thanks. :) Well we all know about the new remake of The Legend of Zelda, The Wind Waker U coming out in the Fall. So I was wondering what are you're thoughts of the game in general? No negative or hateful comments please. I am excited about the game and I was wondering what do you think will be added in the game or would be taken out of the game? And do you think it will be released for download or would they put it in stores? :mastersword::hylianshield:


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Jan 16, 2013
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I don't care for the WW, but i think this new game will be what it sounds like. It will be the Wind Waker in HD, and maybe a few altered sidequests or easter eggs relating the Zelda Wii U. As a placeholder game, I don't expect anything too big.


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Apr 12, 2012
It'll probably be available for both download, and store purchase. As for what would be taken out/put in the game, I can't say I have a clue. I was maybe thinking they could add the other 2 temples they originally scrapped because they rushed the game out (or whatever the reason was), but I doubt it'll happen. I am very excited for the game though, it alone is why I'm buying a Wii U later this year.


Jul 1, 2012
Dont worry this is the right section haha!

And of course am looking forward to Wind Waker U, this is from another thread that i posted in....

1. Sailing the epic Great Sea with them graphics as well as exploring the islands : D

2. How the Control scheme will work

3. Playing WW actually on the gamepad

4. Seeing Links and other characters facial expressions

5. The final cut scene in HD

6. All of the bosses especially Molgera

7. See how they can improve the already awesome controls

8. The storm effects in the ocean

9. Any little add on's within the game....maybe an extra dungeon?, island?

10. A possible MQ or boss rush modes
Mar 8, 2010
As far as adding and taking out, I'm thinking they will take out nothing. Adding, I'm really hoping for another dungeon complete with a boss. I hate dungeons who don't have a proper boss. I'm very excited to sail the great sea in HD.
Feb 14, 2012
Hmm... were to start? Well I think they are going to make new controls. I hope they do something like use the game pad as a camera (pictograph) - hopefully it's not as picky as the GC-version. Maybe using the wii-mote as the Wind Waker? Maybe the game pad for the baton? I'm also looking forward to the dungeons with Makar and Medli, it could be awesome if you could control both at the same time or something. I found the song of controlling(?) a bit awkward since it took some time each time you shifted to another character, so hopefully some improvements there :) It could also be pretty awesome with some optional dungeons like the color dungeon in Link's Awakening DX. Oh and this game is the reason I'm saving money to get a Wii U (okay maybe I also wanna play Nintendo Land too).
Nov 28, 2012
My wish is that they would add the two temples they weren't able to before, but I highly doubt that will happen :p

Another thing I hope that they will add(or fix I guess I should say) is the sailing. Think about it-that was the main thing that people had a problem with, and for it to be fixed might bring more people into buying the game, even people who originally hated it. I think that would be perfect way of Nintendo getting sales, and I would be sorta surprised if they didn't at least tweak it.

And I just figured out why they made WW for wii-u! Not just the fact you can play the waker thing with the wii-mote, but TINGLE. The tablet control is PERFECT for tingle! Well, that's an exciting thought! :D

Wolf Link89

Honestly, I wasn't thrilled with the news. I feel like remaking/porting Wind Waker is somewhat of a waste. Partly because I was never a huge fan of the game myself. I really don't like the cartoon art style or the idea of the great sea, but I thought the game had a fantastic storyline with some really creative and fun dungeons and bosses that redeemed the game for me. However, I can't imagine this game drawing in any new fans like a more mature Zelda would. Maybe it doesn't need to?

Also, I don't feel like WW was all that old. It was only on the Gamecube and anyone with a Wii has accessibilty to the original game. I think time could have been spent better remaking an older game that's not playable on a new system. (I still think a 3DS Majora's Mask remake makes sense.) I'm also really dissapointed the first HD Zelda is going to be the cartoon artstyle.

I'm having a hard time finding things that could be added in this version, and it's going to take a lot more than HD graphics for me to justify making the $60+ purchase. What's your opinion? What do you think they'll add?

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