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Cucco Lady is a Liar!?


Spaceballs: The Mafia Player
Jul 12, 2011
Spaceball 1
They're deffinitely pocket cuccos. They were the special kind of cucco she was breeding that didn't give her goosebumps when she touched it. She had trouble making it happy thoug, so she gives you one and tells you it might become happy if you wake someone up with it. Wake of Talon, bring back pocket cucco, she takes it back and thanks you, gives you Cojiro


将軍 ジタン
Jan 10, 2012
Stock Pot Inn in the Knife Chamber
My theory is that she paid the running man 6000 rupees to travel to termina and bring her some illegally imported chateau romani milk. Then she drank way too much at the party that it totally slipped her mind that she was allergic. When she woke up the next morning she didn't look so well.

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