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Creepiest Things in Zelda... Even As a Grown Up..??

Nov 30, 2011
The redeads from OoT/MM and TP are always going to creep me out because of that scream (not so much for the ones in WW since they're so silly looking). The Shadow Temple and the Bottom of the Well creep me out a lot too still.
Dec 20, 2011
Tingle just...is creepy in the pedophile bizarre kind of way, like you just feel like you shouldn't be associating with him.
I would also say the moment near the end of the Ancient Cistern when the guys are climbing up the rope after you, trying to pull you down. But that was surreal and mystical in a fashion (reminded me of the Buddhist tales I read int he past), not really scary in anyway - I enjoyed it.

- The Happy Mask Salesman and the kids at the moon.
- The Moon.
- Ooccoos

I have to agree with these three, though the Ooccoos had a lot of funny about them more then creepy. The Happy Mask salesman was very creepy and the kids on the moon have that mysticism and eeriness about them - many subtle undertones that I love! "You be the bad guy, and I'll be the good guy."
How can you NOT think that moon is creepy? Unless you too incorporate it into a meme face now, lol.
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Oct 26, 2011
Ok, *Deep breath* the dungeon in Oot with Dead hand *shivers* that place is so unsettling, especially in the master quest, when you can't just play Zelda's lullaby to get it over with:/
And then the original fire dungeon in OoT where it has that chanting....makes you feel like at any moment something big is going to pop out at you....so ominous!

The Castellan

Going bump in the night.
May 13, 2010
A good deal of the people from majora's mask, especially tingle and the happy mask salesman, the silent realm (i'm just agreeing with people) the bottom of the well in oot 64, its less creepy in 3D. And I find it creepy when Link goes into ladies' houses and comes out with his health restored.

Akin to the Puff-Puff girls from Dragon Quest.:lol:

The boss noises one hears before reaching the boss in the original Zelda were creepy when I first started playing it in 1990.
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Dec 19, 2011
I love the creepy... However when it trying so hard to be FUN that I find to be creepy... like Falbi (TP the one that has the cucco mini game in Lake Hylia) and the other clowns... :S


Majoras Mask 3ds!!!!
Jul 27, 2011
Palace of Winds
I mostly hated the thought of being chased,l and rushe. for exampple in twilight princess when you get the sols and the hands chase you, was terrifying because my mind kept thinking "cmoncmoncmon hurry up!" and i like had a heart attack every time I dropped it down those little slopes in the first level of the twilight dungeon. and because of that I ended up losing like 80 arrows trying to stop the gosh darn hand! XD also I got scared by the bottom of the well and the deadhands in it o_O...It just felt all insane and corrupt in there and the deadhands, oh the deadhands for all you OoT players you know what I mean XD


Sage of Tales
The faces-of-the-dead masks in Majora's Mask.
The Elegy of Emptiness statues in MM
The Moon
The Hero of Time as a *rotting skeleton* as the Hero's Shade in Twilight Princess
Dead Hand in Ocarina of Time
Wallmasters and Celing Masters - multiple games. They're rotting undead hands that grab you out of nowhere!
The Happy Mask Salesman with his Stepford-smile.
Skull Kids - I have my own head-canon/head-theory that they are true chaotic neutral beings who are capable of "innocent evil" - that is, if you get lost in their forest, they will "play" with you like a cat playing with a mouse until you "fall down" and they don't know why you aren't getting back up... I do not know if the one in Majora's Mask grew a heart thanks to Link or not...

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