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Twilight Princess Cave of Ordeals


将軍 ジタン
Jan 10, 2012
Stock Pot Inn in the Knife Chamber
I can beat the entire cave of ordeals on a three heart challenge without fairies, shieldless, wearing zora armor and the only weapons i use are one bomb bag that holds 50 bombs and sword without any skills learned besides the mandatory ending blow. It is hard but I can do it, I have two witnesses.


You Mean, Green Thing
Mar 11, 2011
Amsterdam, NY
Eh. It's not so bad, if you're good and quick. Just make sure to fill all your bottles up, and be prepared. The reward isn't the best, at least, to me it's not, but I did it anyway.
Apr 1, 2011
Go in with the biggest quiver you have, kill the enemies you can with your bow before you go down into the room then when you find archer moblins, max out your arrows again.


Dawn of the Final Day
Sep 16, 2011
Gerudo Valley
It's pretty tough. Bring 3 potions that fill up your whole life, and one fairy for insurance. There's a shot at getting a full health healing chuchu in a bottle, but you've got to gather it quick. And dont use your potion till youre down to one or two hearts. Make sure you have full items, and try and conserve your items and bombs until you need them. This part of the game is hard, but not impossible. Last time I played this I died on the last level :P. I had 4 hearts and had used my one potion that I brought( because I'm stupid and I thought it'd be easy) in like level 35 or something. I was fighting the final darknut who had fully shattered armor. It looked like I was gonna win easily until I accidentally pulled the gamecube control socket out of the system :S. Then the darknut took 3 or 4 cheapshots and killed me. you don't know how pissed i was:dry:

PS use the ball and chain. It works really well against enemies and its really strong. I didn't figure that out till like the late level 30's and was mad because I used 2 of my potions

But dont bother going through it unless you need some Great Fairy's Tears, but you should've got some from Jovani when you get 20 poe souls.
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