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Boss Ideas for Next Zelda Game.

A huge vicious Re-Dead boss would be quite nice and very good looking in an HD Zelda game. The battle mechanics could be like Flaahgra in Metroid Prime where you'd have to stun it with a series of lights located within the room.

A big machine with a lot of firepower could be quite nice too. Probably a little out of place in a Zelda game to imagine a boss like Machinedramon from Digimon, though i remember one of the basses in Wind Waker, (the one that looked like a futuristic bongo bongo) had a heavy amount of fire power so Zelda games are no real strangers to that.

Overall i'd like the bosses to be more fast paced and last longer, i've had more difficulties with mid-dungeon bosses than i have with end of dungeon bosses. I'd quite like that to be more vicious and have three stages just to lengthen them out. A location change mid-way through the battle or the boss changing its form and into new battle mechanics would be rather nice.


For the next Zelda game, Boss 3

For the next Zelda game, here is boss 3:

Boss 3: Giorok, Bionic Goron Dragon
Temple\Dungeon: Goron Sky Temple
Attacks: Fire, Claws, Charging, Dragon Minions
Difficulty: *******
Effects: Hammer, Clawshot, Sword
Description: A one eye dragon with a sharp tail
with little mini dragons that come out of it's mouth
that will try to distract you. It charge into with his sharp claws
to know you off the high pillar, which you get there with
the Clawshot, so you can climb on the vine
Spoils: <3


Fish. Citizen of Foo
Sep 30, 2011
Well we obviously need another spider. Maybe there could be a friend or ally who betrays link and you then fight.


FPT | Breb
Nov 28, 2011
Maricopa, Arizona
Shadow Link is my favorite villian ever! He needs to make a comeback, but have him be one of the hardest boses ever! I would even like Dark/Shadow Link to be the main villian in it like AoL


For next Zelda game, Boss 4

For the next Zelda Game, Here is boss 4:

Boss 4: Dead Hand, Dark Shadow Monster
Difficulty: *******
Temple/Dungeon: Tower of Darkness
Attacks: Claws, Bad Bats, Poison, Boulders
Effects:Boomerang, Bombs,Clawshot, Sword
Description: This boss is like Dead hand from Ocarina of
time, but this boss is in a rock tunnel that goes in circle
and Dead Hand Has 6 hands like the ones coming out of
the floor in ocarina. This will be one of the hardest boss
battles and the. When he jumps through the ceiling, he will
be at the top of the tower, use the Clawshot to bring him down so
you can deliver the final blow
Strategy: When dead hand is climbing on the walls, get far enough so you can use
the boomerang so you can cut his arms so he will come down, then use a bomb
and throw it at him so he is stunned, then slash at him until he grows arms and
goes backs to climbing on the wall, do this 5 times, then he jumps through the ceiling, he will
be at the top of the tower, use the Clawshot to bring him down so
you can deliver the final blow.
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Nov 10, 2011
Lost Woods
Iwant some sort of super juggernaut Darknut. THATD BE SICK.
And he has multple stages with different weapons and junk and he gets more deranged and dangerous the more he gets damaged
Feb 5, 2011
Undersea Abomination: Kracthen
Temple/Dungeon: Water
Attacks: Tentacles
Effective Weapons: Clawshot, Bomb, Sword
Description: In Phase I it appears to be a large, ugly octopus that remain stationary. In Phase 2 when the water lowers, it rises, revealing that was just the head. The rest of a the creature is a vaguely humanoid body with large fins on its back.
Strategy: The first half is similar to the battle with Morpheel's first phase, in that you avoid tentacles and throw bombs at the creature. Use the clawshot to grab the tentacles and slash at them, forcing them to retract into the creature to be healed. Once enough has gone away, use the clawshot on the creature's forehead horn and slash at the forehead. Afterwards it seeming go under the floor and the water lowers, revealing the towers are pillars with ladders. Climb one and the beast will reveal the rest of its body. The follows similarly to Argorok, use the clawshot to get from pillar to pillar to avoid the slow creature's tentalces. Once it tries all 8 tentacles, it will take slower to turn, clawshot your way all the way to behind the creature to slash the back of the head. Continue until it prompts to use the finish blow and the battle ends.


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Jul 6, 2011
Absolute unit
Well I often say how I wish that Ganondorf would return for the Wii U game.
I want a battle with him where he does not have phases of doing energy tennis then a beast phase then a sword fighting phase. I want a battle where he can transform at will, teleport,swordfight and switch to magic balls whenever he pleases. This would create a battle where the player does not know what to expect and would be more fast paced and action packed.


Cucco Butt
Jun 5, 2012
Yes, This is a good thread. Lets see....My idea is....Put Ghirahim in the next Zelda game, and give him his own fortress.

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