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Boss Ideas for Next Zelda Game.



Boss 1: Jalhalla,Master of Darkness

boss 2.jpg
Boss 1:Jalhalla,Master of Darkness
Attacks: Fire Half Heart.gif, Charging Full Heart.gif
Location: Temple of Darkness
Speed: Fast
-when Jalhalla appears, slash at him with sword
-Jalhalla will speed up while spinning a breath fire,
so go under neath the platform and do a jump in the air using
Rocs feather downward strike to stun him, you will have to do this 4 times as
he gets faster and he is defeated.
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Sep 20, 2011
Create a dark zelda. like an evil twin of zelda, she could also have a weird love connection with link to make it harder for link to kill her at the end.


Boss 2: Gohma Dessert Crab Monster

Boss 2: Gohma,Dessert Crab Monster
Threat: Threat 4.gif
Attacks: Fireballs Half Heart.gif, Contact Full Heart.gif, Rocks Full Heart.gif
Location: Dessert Cave
- the strategy is like the strategy from
the first game, but Gohma will have another attack.
- Gohma will cover her eye with her legs and rocks
will fall on the ground. So you hide in
the top left corner to avoid the rocks
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There you are! You monsters!
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Feb 8, 2011
I want a there to be a fight with an immense powerful dragon, not like Gleeok who stays in a corner for the duration of a fight, or even Argorak, who in terms of dragons is very small in size (truth be told, he's a wyvern anyhow). My idea of this dragon takes him out of the boss room and puts him in an open world. He'd be an overworld boss that swoops and spreads fire over a small town or a convoy of cowardly soldiers, maybe, which Link has to protect. Link uses arrows to bring the beast down and attacks a weak spot on his head until he is vanquished.

This idea might be overused in other series, but I don't really care. This thread is essentially a wishlist for boss fights that should appear in the next game, and that Zelda has yet to see; so I'd be excited for such a boss battle to take place, regardless of "fan service". :xd:

A big machine with a lot of firepower could be quite nice too. Probably a little out of place in a Zelda game to imagine a boss like Machinedramon from Digimon, though i remember one of the bosses in Wind Waker, (the one that looked like a futuristic bongo bongo) had a heavy amount of fire power so Zelda games are no real strangers to that.

That would be Gohdan. I consider him to be the Zelda equivalent or "rip-off" of Andross, the antagonist of StarFox fame. :P

Well, play skyward sword and you get a deranged yeti :P but I guess your not really fighting the yeti directly, so yes that would be cool!

Well, I don't know about this deranged yeti found in Skyward Sword, but play Twilight Princess and you get two deranged yetis. Yeta is the one crazy beast after she gets "possessed" by the Mirror, but Yeto by himself is arguably just as daft as his wife.


Wart,One-Eyed Creature

boss 6.jpg
Boss: Wart,One-Eyed Creature
Threat: Threat 6.gif
Attacks: Ramming Full Heart.gif, Extra Enemies Half Heart.gif, Contact Full Heart.gif
Location: Water Temple
- the strategy is to use the bow and arrow and shot it at
warts eye to stun wart while he is moving, so you can attack
him with your sword.
-when you do this 3 times, he will summon anti
fairies to chase you, to stop him from summoning enemies,
four switches will appear in the corners, when wart is near you,
hit the switch with the sword so the anti fairies will disappear
,rinse and repeat, the first step, but you got to do this before 20
seconds is up. Do this 5 times and wart is defeated
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Feb 5, 2011
Wolf Beast of the Show: Amarath
Location: Tundra Labyrinth
Effective Weapon: Fire Arrow, Hammer, Sword
Description: A humanoid wolf creature with large ice crystals growing out of its back with cold vapor coming out of its mouth.
Strategy: Amarath will circle you firing ice blasts, use the hammer to knock them away. After a while it will encase itself in ice and spin at you. Dodge while using the fire arrows to break the ice. (Don't worry about running out of arrows or magic, the broken ice shards will regrow around you and leave those and hearts for you) Eventually it will lose ice and crash into the wall. Take that opportunity to slash it. It will then reach phase 2 of the battle where it will instead result in striking you at close combat with the claws. Study its movements to find a weakspot and strike with either the sword or hammer until you are prompted to use the finishing blow.

(Anyone who responds knowing what an Amarok is gets a like from me)


Adding to Zeldabosses bosses: Big Octorok, Giant Octorok

Boss 4.jpg
Boss: Big Octorok, Giant Octorok
Threat: Threat 3.gif


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