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    Hery i said maybe... but uhh i cant noww cuz of what i did to my moms ipodtouch screen....so after i work up 200$ then i can start getting money for that MAYBE If you want :P
    Christmas for you maybe.??
    Belts / Buckles | Accessories
    Happy Birthday Ryoga:)<3 ^.^ I Hope You Like The Poem:)<3 ^.^ :3 :D
    Life is going fast, right before your eyes,
    make it last, make it alright.
    Frowns, smiles, laughs, cries,
    but this is just the beginning of the ride.

    I'm here with you, just as scared,
    Feeling as if the belt is not so tight.
    But trust me, everything will be alright.

    I may be 13, I may not see it all,
    but I promise to try, I promise to care.
    Most of all; I promise to be there.

    Hold my hand whenever you like because 14 is pretty big,
    I'll pull you back up if you ever should slip.
    Know God loves you and is smiling on you this day.
    Never think he isn't there,, never think he is astray.

    He knows exactly where you are, where you'll stay.
    So hear me out when I say Happy Birthday,
    I truly do hope it has been one.
    Be happy you were born though life hasn't been all that fair,
    Be happy that you're still here.

    Explore what you can without being caught,
    Explore the amazing affects life has on us.
    Explore with me, see all the wonderful things.

    Never live life short, never don't see it in a full view.
    Happy Birthday, Ryoga! A pinch for every inch you grew.
    Again, I am here, right next to you as you read this,
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