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The Shadow Knight
Dec 8, 2008
The City of Lost Souls, South Monotony

AFI is the shiz. Don't dis, for they are gods and they will SMITE THEE.

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Simply awesome
Feb 17, 2008
Stockholm, Sweden
Well, they better smite me then. Oops, nothing happened!

I seriously don't like this music. Being VERY openminded, this is just something I cannot like. It's stuck somewhere between being emotional and being heavy, and doesn't really succeed at doing a mix of those two. The only song that is slightly over "bullcrap" and enter the region of "extremely bad, but somewhat enjoyable if you're drunk" is Miss Murder. Kinda okay melody, but still far from stellar.


The Geekette
Nov 25, 2007
AFI's music was good in their earlier stages, but most people anymore just know Davey Havok and Miss Murder, nothing more.


didn't build that
So, the song that got me into them was Silver and Cold, though I had heard The Boy Who Destroyed the World on THPS 3 and I enjoyed that song as well. I absolutely loved Sing the Sorrow. Thought it was a great album, had a lot of artistry and variety, and Davey's voice sounded pretty good in it. All in all, it was strong, if a bit emo. I found out some people think it's their sellout album, but I don't--just because it's more approachable than some of their other stuff doesn't mean it's sellout!

I went backward in their catalog and while I like a few of their songs here and there...I was more "meh" about it than I expected to be. To be honest, I think Art of Drowning is the best thing they've ever written. Stuff like Days of the Phoenix, Wester, and my personal favorite, The Nephilim (when I started foruming, I used that little demon as my avatar for a significant amount of time!) is really strong. Hell, the first song, The Lost Souls, was even great.

I gotta admit, I've kind of outgrown some of their music...moved on to 80's metal and hard rock...but I am definitely still nostalgic about it, and can always listen to any AFI song from either one of those two albums. Decemberunderground was disappointing for me; it didn't have the emotion of some of their previous music and it felt a bit manufactured, if that's the right word. However, Miss Murder and Love Like Winter were alright, if overrated.

I probably won't be following AFI in the future, but it's nice to reminisce. Not a bad band at all.


didn't build that
On that note, I would like to point pot that niether AFI nor My Chemical Romance sold out. They simply began to write more artistic music.

I think the whole "sellout" label's kind of lame. It usually just means people hate the transition in style of a band. It's okay...you can say that, but don't call them sellouts! It's a clumsy, all-too-frequent designation that's lost whatever meaning it had.

Now that you've mentioned MCR...I like some of their stuff (I heard their material before The Black Parade, but the aforementioned song is actually my favorite by them and it's the one that made me appreciate them), but I never really appreciated them as much as AFI, mainly because I caught on to them a bit later and the whole heavy makeup, gothic image doesn't appeal to me at all. My girlfriend introduced me to them and I always felt bad for kind of making fun of them when she liked them; by the time I began listening to them, she'd lost interest. Still bothers me, because recently I've found myself listening to The Ghost of You more often than I'd like to admit.

In the same vein, I don't particularly like AFI's image or Havok. Seems like they're trying to hard to get attention. I much prefer the approach of bands like Jimmy Eat World, which manage to look normal and write phenomenal music. But I do urge people to look past AFI's image and the obnoxious pride and self-aggrandizing lead singer. Don't watch the music videos, don't look at the album art, just listen to the music. When I do that for MCR, I appreciate their music as well.

It's sad that talented bands like AFI and MCR seem to hurt themselves with a flamboyant or, conversely, "dark" image. I agree with Lenora Dragon...Havok seems to be all people talk about anymore in regards to the band. Unfortunate.
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fallen angel

i love afi, although i havent listened to them in a while. one of my favorite songs by them was "love like winter" the music video was amazing.


trollin for booty
Sep 29, 2009
afi rocks.
the fact that jade and hunter can run all over the place and never screw up once is amazing.

jade writes some of the hardest songs on guitar and is better than the guys in dragonforce put together. hunter also writes the hardest stuff on bass.

I'm gonna get Puget's haircut when i grow my hair out again.

crash love is amazing, i got it yesterday and i love it.

the way havok climbs on the crowd at just about every show is awesome!

in my opinion they are one of the best bands out there.
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