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  • So you're a former Moderator? I've heard about you from Wyatt and stumbled across one of your posts. So hello, I guess.
    Happy Birthday!!!

    You have it set so it doesn't display the date of your birthday here.... Coincidentally I went to the Screw Attack forums today and saw under 'Todays Birthdays' Mehplep. I thought that was really ironic.
    Jag tackar så mycket :) Men jag tror faktiskt att jag förtjänade att få vänta. Mina poster var lite väl korta i början och jag hade ett två månaders uppehåll i vintras. Nu är jag tillbaka iaf och har tänkt att så förbli. Blir nog lite mindre poster framöver men jag ska istället försöka vara mer aktiv i shoutboxen :) Tack igen!
    Oh my god, your right! I also didn't realize you lived in Sweden. Sweden is my dream home! I want to live on a farm near Gavle. My great grandmother lived in Gavle^^. I already no a little bit of the languege. hej lila guumon. I don't think I spelt t right in Swedish. It is suppose to be hey little old lady.
    lolz, i luv ur avatar!!!
    its funny.......... sorry im so bored. so whats new with you????
    {insert 100 characters]
    I already know about the Mother 3 Fan Translation, but thanks anyways. My sig says I'm waiting for the game, although I'm actually waiting for the flash cart. ;D
    no. He isn't the 99999999999th caller. He is the 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999th caller.
    Hello there. You know, you're a fellow Moderator, I've seen you on a bit, you're "Simply Awesome" =D, yet I don't have you on my friends list. ADD ME.
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