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A Link to the Past A Link to the Past's Most Frustrating Boss

Most Frustrating Boss

  • Armos Knight

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  • Lanmola

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  • Moldorm

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  • Agahnim

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  • Helmasaur

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  • Arrghus

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  • Mothula

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  • Blind

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  • Kholdstare

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  • Vitreous

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  • Trinexx

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  • Agahnim (2)

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  • Ganon

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I am a Person of Interest
Jul 12, 2010
Ganon's Tower
To me, when it comes to a Zelda boss, especially in the 2D titles, hard is equal to frustrating. Firstly, there was Moldorm. He knocked you down several times, and he regained his health, making it more frustrating.

Next is the Helmasaur King. He was frustrating because he spit a fireball, which split into three fireballs, which each split into four fireballs. That's a lot of them. And in the middle of trying to dodge the fireballs, he whacks you with the tail. Not cool. And the boss room is pretty cramped too.

Mothula, more than being frustrating, was just tedious to fight. The boss fight was pretty simple: just stand in a place and keep button smashing the item button with the fire rod on. But then there is the moving floors and the spikes. And Mothula also shoots laser beams at you. That makes it hard to go without being hit.

I found Blind hard because of his floating heads. He shoots laser beams at you relatively quickly, and then his heads shoot endless fireballs at you. Also pretty tedious.

Finally there is Ganon, who was hard for pretty obvious reasons. He has 4 stages to him, all of which require a good amount of hits before he proceeds into the next stage. He does a lot of damage as well, and the flying fire bats are even worse than fireballs since the actually go for you.

I found a good number of bosses difficult and frustrating in ALttP, but my final answer is the Helmasaur King.


Resident Netizen
May 10, 2010
Random house in Texas.
I find it close. Moldorm takes the number 1 because he kept knocking you off... Ganon is on there since he knocked you off in the dark and you had to start over (unless you figured out the pattern. I knew what to do, but I didn't know the pattern of teleportation at the time). Helmasaur, after knocking the helmet off, started double-teaming the fireballs with the tail, and with L-1 armor, I kept dying.

But definitely Moldorm.


I agree with Moldorm as well. The rest of the bosses can easily be "facerolled" (a term WoW players use for easy content) if you use the right strategies, especially if you include using the Cane of Byrna or the Magic Cape.


Defender of Hyrule
Oct 14, 2011
Moldorm, as other have said, being knocked off the stage and having to start over was i bit annoying


Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
It's a toss up between Trinexx and Mothula. On one hand, Trinexx will decimate you. On the other, Mothula will...sporify you, if that could b e turned into a word. I'll pick Trinexx though, because at one point he just broke the game for me (3 hearts, no potions, forgot how to get off Death Mountain...).
Dec 5, 2011

Without a doubt.

I hadn't played ALTTP for months, and forgot everything.

Mothula was the first boss I encountered, and I forgot how to use bottles, and fairys in bottles (don't ask), and couldn't remember I had the Fire Rod. Let's just say I died a few times before killing him with my sword alone, while being low on health. :D
Dec 4, 2011
I'd have to go along with many others and say Moldorm. Mostly because there's a way to get the Magic Cape before even attempting your first dungeon, and an even easier way to get free Magic Potions, making all bosses in the Dark World a breeze.
However, if you plan on fighting them all the "legitimate" way and in proper order, then Helmasaur for me due to the amount of damage he deals while taking up about half the screen.
Apr 10, 2010
Mothula. Even after playing through ALttP dozens of times, it's the one part of the game where I am at risk of dying. Moving floors, spikes, beams shooting at you in three different directions, all while trying to position yourself for some sword slashes or fire rod blasts.

Ganon is also probably the most difficult, but its fun to battle him whereas Mothula is just frustrating.

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