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  1. EponaOwns

    Summer Movies You've Seen So Far.

    I saw UP with my friends. Such a great movie! It is so sweet and nice. Other than that I haven't seen anymore. Movies don't click for me as much as they used to.
  2. EponaOwns

    Worst Mario Game.

    I've only played good Mario games also but I did see this one game where it can easily lose my attention. Mario's Early Years. It was made for little kids. I'm pretty sure it is about Mario as a baby (even though he still has the moustache on him O.o) and you do little puzzles and fun! Fun...
  3. EponaOwns

    What Are You Afraid Of?

    Me too! I have some old ones up in my closet and when I have to get something they just stare at me. I'm also afraid of and "game" or video that has a face pop out at you. One good one would be The Maze Game. That is hy whenever I am on youtube I always look at the rating. If the rating is low...
  4. EponaOwns

    What the HELL was Nintendo thinking?!

    I have to say there are little kid games for little kids but they do make A LOT of them now. I like my good old Action games not some learning game. Zelda can't end up like Mario Preschool (yeah there is a game about that). I honestly think that at least 60% of the games should be for older...
  5. EponaOwns

    Your Video Game Wish List

    Wii: Okami Super Mario Galaxy SSBB Super Paper Mario Zack and Wiki Mario Super Sluggers Mario Power Tennis Wiiware: World of Goo Dr. Mario Tetris Party VC: Any Zelda game Mario Kart 64 1080 Mario Kart (If they realease) DS: Spirit Tracks(once out) Mario Kart DS GBA...
  6. EponaOwns

    What Would You Call Your Child?

    Oh, so many unique names! I like different names. For Girls: Nikki, Jersey, Neptune, Venus, Reese For Boys: Randy, Evan, Noah, Reece, Rick Nice names.
  7. EponaOwns

    June Artwork Update

    I absolutely love the Epona one! (look slike we have another Epona fan here) I also like the plushies! Nice job guys.
  8. EponaOwns


    I never really watched anime but this one show caught my eye. Higurashi. It is so violent but so entertaining. The way the characters are animated is really good. Not good at all for children of a young age!
  9. EponaOwns

    OOT and MM Graphics

    Oh, I loved these graphics. Where can we find graphics like these again? Those graphics were my favorite. The way the characters were made was so creative. I love how the graphics were never completely roud. They always had the polygon style. The music was great too. Some of it was chilling...
  10. EponaOwns

    Swiftblade's Graphics Place - Because everyone else is doing It.

    Hey Swiftblade! Thanks for doing this! I have always wanted one of these signatures. Here is the link.http://media.photobucket.com/image/epona/oscarbond007/link__epona.jpg?o=38 Color: Dark Green, Crimson, and brown. Text: EponaOwns-The real master of Epona.
  11. EponaOwns

    Deku Scrubs in Future Installments

    Yes, they should. Remember how much they could do in MM (well not that much)? If nintendo enhanced those powers and made an interesting setting Deku Scrubs could become great! Maybe one should be the new Navi!
  12. EponaOwns

    What Song Reflects You?

    New song that describes me would be Tracks of my Tears. All of us have those moments where we are not what we seem.
  13. EponaOwns

    American Idol

    Who is your favorite American Idol singer? Mine is no doubt, Adam Lambert. My favorite music is rock and he rocks at rock! He also sang Rolling Stones and Queen.
  14. EponaOwns

    Happiest Songs

    I think I have 3 songs witht he happiest lyrics. Don't Worry, Be Happy- doesn't the title of this song already explain it? The rhythm is a nice beat which is relaxing and makes it easier to chill and just be happy. The lyrics, "Don't Worry be Happy" just explains it all. No Rain- the tune...
  15. EponaOwns

    Favorite Music Decades?

    >.<I forgot 80's!! But that would only be for Queen not any other bands. Hmmm now I'm not so sure... I only like 80's because of Queen and since because of nothing else I guess my pick is still the same but Queen forever!
  16. EponaOwns

    Favorite Music Decades?

    Mulitple Choice Poll I like the 60's, 70's and 90's. 60's: I love folk songs and The Beatles music was around in this time. the good old ones were in this era and it shall forever be with us. in this decade people got inspired and there will never be another decade like this one...
  17. EponaOwns

    Link's Earrings

    I love it when link wears earings!^^ But it is hard to notice them until near the end of the middle in the game except for OoT. I feel like the earrings symbolizes him in a way. Besides he looks nice in earrings:p I don't really care but I would rather have him keep his earrings.
  18. EponaOwns


    I agree and disagree with the first part of that post. The Beatles are great and they brought Queen, and other bands and Queen had other bands folloowing them. So i'm no sure which one should be first. I luv both.
  19. EponaOwns

    What is the Weirdest or Strangest Thing That Has Ever Happened to You?

    ...a Christmas Story and at one point Ralphie, in the move talked about the leg light and he said I'd rather listen to so and so than watch electric se* in the window and then the same boy that I liked stared at me like, "Heh, heh." I think when I did strange and weird I ment it as funny...
  20. EponaOwns

    Ocarina of Time Favorite Sage

    Yes, Saria is very brave. Not afraid and wont give up. But time on time she would get on my nerves by too much sweetness. I'm starting to think that I also like Impa. No one would not want to mess with her I bet!:xd: Without her showing Link the way Link wouldn't know where to go now would...
  21. EponaOwns

    Who Are The Main Gods/Goddesses?

    Hmmm interesting thread. Well as you know there are Zelda games with 3 godesses, Farore, Din, and Nayru. They made the triforce which is used in a lot of Zelda games. But in MM there are giants but those are gods to the people of Termina. Though the godesses are used more doesn't mean they are...
  22. EponaOwns

    Dead Soldier

    I think I remember seeing him. My memory of OoT is very short for I haven't played it in so long. It was sort of creepy to see the dying soldior though. Very depressing.
  23. EponaOwns


    I thought he did? My brother told me he did and the way "Henry" made was the way Tim could make it.
  24. EponaOwns

    The Rubik's Cube

    Ugh... i can't stand the rubiks cube. I stink at it so much. It can get very confusing at times and frustrating that you just want to burn it in flames :devil: But I on't think that just because I can't do it doesn't mean I am not smart. I'm very impressed by people's times:clap:
  25. EponaOwns

    Titles and what you're known for.

    At school I'm known as a bright person who is athletic and hippie like. I'm most known for my snorting when I laugh^^. I snorted really loud in science once! Embarassing^^
  26. EponaOwns


    Yes, Freddie was really hot XD Well really only in the early 70's. Oh but Brian May is so cute! I do think that no one can beat Queen's bohemian rhapsody but that is my opinion.
  27. EponaOwns


    Tim Burten made a winner. Tghe movie was amazingly well directed. When I first saw this I thought it was tech. stuff but it was really just claymation. Excellent claymation. The characters really stand out. I love the way that there is a complete opposite of characters in the other world...
  28. EponaOwns

    Favorite Movie

    Another one would be The ark Knight. the action was superb! The dialog was cool and the story is great. Heath Ledger did such a great job as The Joker!
  29. EponaOwns

    The Beatles

    Abbey Road has soo many wonderous songs that peoples will never forget. I personally like the White Album but this album deserves to be owned to every person in the world
  30. EponaOwns

    The Beatles

    Friggin best band ever!! Their music is so amazing and amazing lyrics and they are cuties in the early sixties like during the music video help. I love all their songs really:D
  31. EponaOwns

    Favorite Song

    I luv that song! I like new songs The Scientist-Coldplay No Rain-Blind Melon I'm Shipping Up to Boston-?
  32. EponaOwns

    What Song Reflects You?

    Oh I know a really good one that tells about me! I wont say I'm in love. Yep that is the song. I bet half of u already know im deperateXD. The song really does go with my life. Another one is no rain by blind melon. The song is about look on the happier side of life or something like that...
  33. EponaOwns

    Tri force choice poll

    Courage big time. I wanna be able to fight the government *ehm* Ganondorf I ment because I would be the hero and everyone would follow my footsteps to stopping evil! Wisdom is also cool but I already am smart and when you gotta fight about 500 monsters wisdom wont help ya much^^ And power is...
  34. EponaOwns

    New Music or Old Music

    Do you like old or new music? Here is my point of view on new music: HATE IT! It sends out bad messages to young kids. Oh no terrorists and stuff in music. and the rap just sends out bad vibes and make people weaker in their hope. And WTC are the Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana? Terrible...
  35. EponaOwns


    I luv Queen very much but it is a tie with The Beatles. But Queen gets a poin thigher since I liked them before The Beatles;) And Mike, you are so true. They will remain the best. I don't care what people say they are the best. Why is new music crap?
  36. EponaOwns


    Alice is my favorite gal because she isn't boring ol' normal Bella or Miss slut Rosalie although she isn't mush of a slut. More of a drama queen:P What is starting to tick me is just the craze of it! OMG OMG EDWARD!! It is a book. I can tell you 10 better books right off the back. The more...
  37. EponaOwns

    What Song Reflects You?

    I love that song so much!^^ The song that would describe me is hmmm... there is this one song about vegetarians that would fit me but i don't know the name XD! Probably I am the Walrus by the Beatles because the song is weird and crazy like me and Spread Your wings, The lyrics best describe...
  38. EponaOwns

    Worst Movie Sequels

    Anne of Green Gables 3-The Continuing Story. The other Anne of Green Gables were amazing and well directed. This one was very violent though and I for one, am against violence. Though it was greatly directed just had so much more potential.
  39. EponaOwns

    Favorite Quotes

    "All you need is love."-John Lennon. That quote is just beautiful in every breath, letter and word :) Men are like parking spots, the good ones are taken and the free spots are only for handicapped.-Unknown. This one is funny and so true when it comes beetween me and guys! xd
  40. EponaOwns

    If you wrote a book...........

    Only god knows xd Probably a fantasy story that is pretty epic and outragous. Maybe a person who gets trapped in a soda can or something. Has to be something that has to do with a soda can.
  41. EponaOwns

    What's Your Zodiac Sign?

    I made this thread because I got these 2 books about zodiac signs. and I'm a Libra:) Libras are very balanced and charming. They like fairness and peace in the world. Very intelligent. When they hold grudges they don't last long because they are very social. on their romantic side they always...
  42. EponaOwns


    Ok. I got soo bored of the book. Bella is just like oh my god Edward is a vampire why in the world didnt i say that on the first page of the book? I must say i liked the movie though. But i don't think edward is very attractive...
  43. EponaOwns

    Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne

    I'm not a big fan of that band and ozzy. I'm more of the light rock like the beatles but their song paranoid was complete epicness! I was crushed when Ozzy made a remake of in my life though. He ruined the song!!
  44. EponaOwns

    Battle of The Web Browsers

    Internet Explorer. I find it very easy to understand and it works great! Although I can't stand firefox :dry:
  45. EponaOwns

    Favorite Game Console

    The Wii because I like the games where you move around. I'm one of those girls who like to keep their shape. Their are also great family games in it. Although very little great games. I do love the older systems like N64, had great games.
  46. EponaOwns

    What is the true colour of Ganon´s skin?

    With all the Ganons I have seen he looks like an olive green with a tint of brown, if I'm not mistaken. Sometimes it depends how the video game works. He is a gerudo but doesn't seem to have the type of skin as them. To tell the truth this is one thread that is worth looking at. very unique.
  47. EponaOwns

    Funny or Memorable IM or Shoutbox Conversations.

    There is one going on right now. It was about debating Zenox's name and I thought of Moosh's name as is. and I wanted to be called E-Scope and EO. Mases had the most original name for Zenox, Zenox. It was pretty cool. Ah, good times, good times. I just had another about my perverted gym teacher...
  48. EponaOwns

    Favorite Actors/Actresses or Directors

    ...Kate Winslet: Soo dramatic. Her best film has to be Titanic. Actors Leonardo DiCaprio: Soo hot back in the day and was in a lot of good movies *AKA Titanic and Romeo and Juliet* Johnny Depp: He rocks in Pirates of the whatever. And Steve Carrel, the best comedian actor ever.
  49. EponaOwns

    Video games that would make a good anime.

    Okami! It would make the perfect storyline for an anime show. But I think mario and zelda should stay as it is:)
  50. EponaOwns

    If You Could Jump Into a Video Game, What Game Would it be?

    Ocarina of Time or Okami. Probably Okami though because it is a really cool game and the visual stuff is amazing, so peaceful and if i was the wolf in that game i could have flowers come out of my, well you know Xd
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