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  1. DarkHylian

    The Creepiest Thing in Any Zelda Game?

    The Shadow Temple as a whole. It never scared me, but I always thought it was really creepy. Just the atmosphere and the blood stained walls.
  2. DarkHylian

    The Bully

    I just think it's going to be some random new character like the bunch we got in TP. I doubt it will be Ganondorf, but who knows.
  3. DarkHylian

    Twilight Princess Purchasing Soon - Wii or GameCube?

    Pretty sure he's asking which version of Twilight Princess he should get, not which game system. I would say go for the Wii. As others have said you can buy more Zelda games on the Virtual Console and you can play Gamecube games on it. So really you could get both versions if you really...
  4. DarkHylian

    Majora's Mask Operation Moonfall

    Since they did OoT then yeah, do MM. But after this please no more remakes. Also fix the save system in the remake. It was kinda dumb that you could only save by reseting time.
  5. DarkHylian

    Ocarina of Time Navi's Annoyance - Overrated?

    Was she actually saying "What's up"? For some reason I always thought she said "Watch out". The only time I ever heard it was when I was fighting something. But I'm probably wrong.
  6. DarkHylian

    Ocarina of Time Which first, Shadow or Spirit?

    I believe the Shadow was meant to be first and then finally the Spirit Temple. Yes, you can do the Gerudo Fortress then go grab the Lens and go back to the Haunted Wasteland, but it just never seemed right to me. I mean, if you go into Kakariko Village (which you have to do before going to...
  7. DarkHylian

    Ocarina of Time OoT Super Mastery.

    That's plain brutal. It would take forever for someone to pull that off... lol
  8. DarkHylian

    Final Boss of Skyward Sword?

    That would actually make alot of sense, but I would be pretty disappointed if it happened. I love Koume and Kotake, but not as the main villains. >.< In the game though yes!
  9. DarkHylian

    Ocarina of Time Navi's Annoyance - Overrated?

    I think Nintendo put Yes first just to piss us off.
  10. DarkHylian

    Ganon VS. Majora

    I wouldn't say that. For the first few phases maybe. Like when he turned into Majora's Incarnation. But when he turned into Majora's Wrath I'm pretty sure it was on.
  11. DarkHylian

    Ocarina of Time Navi's Annoyance - Overrated?

    Actually I really loved Phantom Zelda from Spirit Tracks also. I really don't know which one I like the best... :S It's a toss up between Midna/Navi/Phantom Zelda
  12. DarkHylian

    Final Boss of Skyward Sword?

    I know this pretty much won't happen, but what if they made Majora the final boss? Ghirahim is part of some Dark Tribe so obviously there are more people in it. It was explained that Majora's Mask was created by an Ancient/Dark Tribe (can't remember which one they said but both fit the bill in...
  13. DarkHylian

    Goddess of Time

    This sounds about right to me.
  14. DarkHylian

    Majora's Mask Favorite Music in MM.

    Deku Palace. It was just so energenic and I loved all the Dekus dancing. :)
  15. DarkHylian

    Ocarina of Time Navi's Annoyance - Overrated?

    Very overrated. When I used to think of OoT Navi was one of the last things that came to my mind. I remember her saying "Hey" and "Listen" but never enough to annoy me. She was actually my favorite little hint guide until Midna came around.
  16. DarkHylian

    Ganon VS. Majora

    Where does it say that, or are you just assuming it? Again, Majora doesn't have the Master Sword or Silver Arrows. Any magic he uses Ganon can counter. Ganon obtains the Triforce of Power which makes him more powerful than any other creature in the Zelda universe. I do love Majora though and...
  17. DarkHylian

    Ganon VS. Majora

    It would be an awesome fight, but come on guys... Of course Ganon would win. He has the Triforce of Power, is skilled with dark magic just like Majora (although Majora's powers are far more mysterious), and can only be killed by the Master Sword/Silver Arrows. I love Majora but Ganon is the big...
  18. DarkHylian

    Ocarina of Time In Ocarina of Time 3D, I Figured Out You Can Do Some of the Temples Out of Order...

    True, so then maybe not every temple, just a few that only required that dungeon's item and made you really use your head to figure out what to do. The Water Temple is one of the most challenging ones out there and the main reason for that is because of the water level rising/lowering and that...
  19. DarkHylian

    Does Ghirahim Intimidate You?

    Not at all, but he is very interesting.....
  20. DarkHylian

    Will There Be a Death Mountain in Skyward Sword?

    Death Mountain Lost Woods Lake Hylia I'm willing to be all of these will be in the game.
  21. DarkHylian

    Ocarina of Time In Ocarina of Time 3D, I Figured Out You Can Do Some of the Temples Out of Order...

    Yeah, I mean I can see why people would do it. I kinda wish when they make temples the puzzles inside them would be balanced only around the item you get in that temple so you could feel free to do which ever one you want first and not worry about having to go grab the bow so you can shoot all...
  22. DarkHylian

    Ocarina of Time In Ocarina of Time 3D, I Figured Out You Can Do Some of the Temples Out of Order...

    I've always done them in order just because I don't see the point of running into a temple and grabbing an item only so you can go do another temple first. Why not just finish up the temple you're in? Idk, maybe I'll try it sometime.
  23. DarkHylian

    Ocarina of Time What Was Your Favorite Moment in Ocarina of Time?

    Yeah I love how he screams and falls backwards when the Sprout pops up and continues to scream as he lays on the ground... lol
  24. DarkHylian

    Avoiding News?

    Nah, I can't help but want to know more about the game. Of course, when its actually released then I might cut myself off from more spoilers because then you'll know everything. But right now I... must know... >.<
  25. DarkHylian

    A 7 Day Cycle

    Yes, I did like the fact that the characters would change spot and would say different things every 12 hours. It would have been fun to have 7 days of it. I can't ever see a sequel happening for Majora's Mask though as Termina was only in trouble from Majora (who was destroyed) and Link left and...
  26. DarkHylian

    Which Transformation Would You Want?

    Zora are my favorite. But if I could add a race to transform into then it would be the Sheikah. I imagine they would play like a ninja. >.<
  27. DarkHylian

    Is the Whale from the E3 Trailer Really the Servant of the Goddesses or is It Evil?

    Well I only said that because I thought if Jabu Jabu is in the game then they might pay homage to OoT with something like that. But yeah I am almost certain that's Jabu Jabu.
  28. DarkHylian

    What Do You NOT Want in SS?

    I hope they don't take out the magic meter... :(
  29. DarkHylian

    Possible Release Date at Gamescom?

    Well November just makes the most sense. That's when most people start shopping for Christmas so why wouldn't they get it out in stores for Black Friday? It could be December but I think they'd sell the game much better if they made it available earlier than that. But we don't know how long it...
  30. DarkHylian

    Zelda Identity Theory

    That picture looks amazing. Whoever made that is really talented.
  31. DarkHylian

    Possible Release Date at Gamescom?

    It'll probably be released in November like Twilight Princess was so it can be bought for the holiday season.
  32. DarkHylian

    Spoiler What We Can Confirm About the Game

    I always assumed Ganondorf was just the name of his humanoid persona, not an actual person that he controlled. But yeah, we don't know for sure.
  33. DarkHylian

    Spoiler What We Can Confirm About the Game

    That's if you believe Ganon and Ganondorf are not the same person. I personally think they are, but if Ganondorf does appear in the game then I guess that theory will be solved.
  34. DarkHylian

    Another Handheld Zelda Game?

    Exactly. I would love to see 3DS Zelda games using the OoT 3D style for the gameplay.
  35. DarkHylian

    Tetraforce Theroy

    Yeah, that would be awesome and I would love to see it happen.
  36. DarkHylian

    Zelda Identity Theory

    No, I don't believe Sheik is a man. I believe Sheik is a woman. Zelda changed some things about her but I don't see why she would feel the need to completely change her sex. She can easily disguise herself to look like a man without..... you know.. The Ruto thing doesn't mean anything either...
  37. DarkHylian

    Spoiler What We Can Confirm About the Game

    Yeah, Ganon not being in the game will be interesting. I'm actually kinda happy about it because we'll get to see a brand new villain, but I wouldn't mind seeing maybe the origin of Ganon touched on in the game. It's going to be interesting also to see how the Triforce is going to be used in the...
  38. DarkHylian

    Is the Whale from the E3 Trailer Really the Servant of the Goddesses or is It Evil?

    Ah okay. I just looked at the trailer again to see.
  39. DarkHylian

    Is the Whale from the E3 Trailer Really the Servant of the Goddesses or is It Evil?

    Why is Zelda's clothes change an issue? Is it really that unthinkable that she actually changed her clothes?
  40. DarkHylian

    Spoiler What We Can Confirm About the Game

    How do you know there aren't any Hylian kids in Hyrule yet? I mean it is said that Skyloft was apart of Hyrule at one time and they split, and that Link will connect them again or something in the game so I don't see why there couldn't be Hylians down there. And I just like his character. I...
  41. DarkHylian

    Tetraforce Theroy

    That's an interesting thought. I just think it's there for decoration... lol. But you never know. Alot of people think the red bird that is displayed on the shield could come from Link's bird in SS. I don't believe in the Tetraforce Theory though.
  42. DarkHylian

    Majora's Mask Hardest Dungeon in Majora's Mask

    The Stone Tower Temple without a doubt.
  43. DarkHylian

    Is the Whale from the E3 Trailer Really the Servant of the Goddesses or is It Evil?

    I think he is a good guy and I do believe he is Jabu Jabu. This game takes place a few hundred years before OoT which Jabu Jabu is in so it would make sense. He is sort of a deity after all so he could very easily live that long. And if Jabu Jabu is in the game then I have strong hopes about the...
  44. DarkHylian

    Spoiler My Biggest Hope for Skyward Sword (Post-completion)

    I don't see why some gameplay after the final boss would be such a bad thing. Defeating the final boss could unlock some new areas with some cool new items to collect or some new side quests to have fun with. And they could always put in that feature that allows you to fight all the bosses over...
  45. DarkHylian

    Your Favorite Zelda Game

    I would have to say Majora's Mask, with Ocarina of Time very closely at second. I loved the dark nature of MM and the character development in that game. You really got to know all the people of Clock Town over those three days and it really made you want to kick Majora's butt and save them. I...
  46. DarkHylian

    Spoiler What We Can Confirm About the Game

    Not sure if this has been brought up yet or not, but does anyone think Skull Kid could be in the game? I mean he first appeared in OoT and many speculate that he was the same one in TP because that Skull Kid knew Saria's song. I'm not sure if he's immortal or can just live for hundred of years...
  47. DarkHylian

    Majora's Mask Majoras Mask Remake on the 3DS?

    I really don't want another remake, and MM is my favorite Zelda game. I think it's fine the way it is. I want them to focus on more NEW Zelda games. Let's get a new 3DS Zelda. Maybe they can use a style for that game that is similar to the style they used for the OoT remake.
  48. DarkHylian

    Ocarina of Time Water Temple Overrated?

    Not so much difficult as frustrating. Half the time I would raise the water level only to realize that I wasn't supposed to, then have to go all the way back to lower it again and etc. And putting on and taking off the iron boots got very very annoying.
  49. DarkHylian

    Ocarina of Time Why Do People Find "The Shadow Temple" in OoT So Scary?

    It just gives you this creepy feeling and the monsters in it (especially the Redead) always scared the crap out of me when I was younger. Playing it now it's not so bad, but back then it was pretty scary. The Dead Hands were always frightening also as they use their extra hands to grab you and...
  50. DarkHylian

    Ocarina of Time What Was Your Favorite Moment in Ocarina of Time?

    Probably stuff involving Ruto. I don't really support LinkxRuto or anything, but I always liked the relationship between them and thought it was pretty funny.
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