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Drawing, playing LoZ, and watching mythbusters.
Sep 19, 2001 (Age: 22)
outside playing on trapoline (killing myself too)
6th grade



made by Sable27!

Made by the awesome mandym287!

Could you count me in as a real Zelda fan? Probably now.
owned: red
dont have: blue
100: yellow
3 heart: purple
busy doing: black
Completed: pink
completed: dark blue
The Legend of Zelda(Wii VC); Zelda II: Adventure of Link (Wii VC); A Link to the Past (Wii VC); Link's Awakening; Ocarina of Time (Wii VC); Majora's Mask (Wii VC); Oracle of Seasons; Oracle of Ages; Wind Waker; Minish Cap; Four Swords Adventures;Twilight Princess (Wii); Phantom Hourglass; Spirit Tracks; Four Swords Anniversary Edition; Skyward Sword.

TP: Going through on the 100 percent then for three heart challenge then the whatever i is challenge.
SS: Dont really like, stuck on the third silent realm.
ST: Just got it, on to the 3rd spirit temple part.
LoZ: Just started, not onto the first dungeon.
AoL: Same as LoZ.
LttP: 2nd dungeon. LOVE IT. awsome game.
OOT: Stuck on going to go to death mountain.
MM: havent even started yet.
Random things you put on sig
96% of teenagers would be scared to death if Justin Bieber went up to the top of a high building and was about to jump off. If you are one of the 4% that would bring a chair, popcorn, a large Coke/Dr. Pepper/heck, any soda in general, and shout "DO A BACKFLIP!!!!!", copy and paste this into your sig

If you are a fan of any Kathryn Lasky books I COMMAND you to join the group Guardians of Ga'Hoole. If you feel you want to spread the word about this awesome writer, please copy this into sig.

Send link. Save Zelda. Put this on your sig.
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