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    long time no talk message me
    Well, I saw PewDiePie playing Ib and decided to try watch him play it (I'm a huge bro fan of his). As I watch him play, I decided to download the game and play it. Now, I'm really loving playing Ib and right now I'm trying to get all endings (since the game has multiple endings). ;D
    That's a good sign. I will probably post the RP here soon, but right now, I need everyone's opinions. Please look at the sign up thread at my newest post, please?
    Going good. We should be able to start the RP soon. Maybe later tonight or tomorrow afternoon, is what I am aiming for... c:
    Really? Sweet! Glad to have one of my fellow old RPers back c:

    It'll be good, I promise. I also have 3 other people planning to join c:

    Take your time :)
    It really is great to see another fan, c:

    Don't worry about not being around the forums that often, I did the same thing from September of last year to December. Yeah. I have only been recently been getting back, so don't worry. :)

    Oh, and about the gold and stuff, under the FAQ forum, they made a thread explaining it. So, i'd look there. Gold doesn't do much right now, but it will later.
    Undying is a great song c:

    I was introduced to metal about 2 years ago. I haven't stopped yet c:
    Oh yeah! I love that one. True Defiance is a really good album. I really like it. I have their album cover of that album as a poster on my wall c:

    I couldn't possibly choose between DH songs! They are all too good.

    Speaking of, have you heard their older albums? I have... all of them. ... I'm a bit of a fan... yeaah.
    Well hello there. We haven't spoken in a while. I see you have a Demon Hunter avatar. Glad to see another fan c:
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