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  • Well, PE isn't usually like that, it's just for a few weeks. I really like going to my co-op though, it's pretty good. I actually have to study in a little bit though, there's a test tomorrow and I wanna make sure I got everything down. (I'm pretty sure I do, but just to be safe. xD) I have two Grammar classes, and tomorrow is the one that actually challenges me. I think the test is just over prepositions, helping & linking verbs, and some other things I'm supposed to remember... xD
    Well, my first class is at ten, but my mom takes me at 9, and I actually get to the church around 9:30.

    Grammar is my first class, and today we discussed our research papers, and I had to decide whether to write about Shonen Jump, or Bleach. The class wanted to hear about Bleach, so I went with it. xD Then after that I had Geography, (the class in which my report was due,) and then after that, I had Fine Arts. Fine Arts is really fun, my teacher Mr. Branch is amazing... Anyway, then I get to eat! That's when I talked to my friend about the marker thingies. After that I help in a class with Kindergarten, and the kids just wouldn't settle down today... They were all very loud, and the teacher was already losing her voice, so yeah... ._. Then in P.E. we had Boot Camp, which means there's a 9 minute warm-up where we do like punches, bumkicks, high knees, and jogging in place... That was really easy, but after that we lifted weights, did lunges, crunches, and push ups. There was some sprinting too. THENNNN my last class, Drama. Drama is great, but it's 2 hours long... It's one of my High School classes. (thank goodness!) The little kid drama is lame... It's a fact, I swear. xD So yeah, I just got home about 30 mins ago.
    OH BUT GUESS WHAT!!! There's a girl at my school who also draws anime/manga or whatever you wanna say, and I've been trying for a long time to get these special marker things to color/shade with, and she's just gonna give hers to me! ・ω・
    Yup! I presented it today. I'm glad it's done and over... Today was sooo long.
    Finally... Someone who doesn't care either. xD

    People keep asking me, "Are you watching the Super Bowl?" Nope... I just like to watch the commercials. :D
    Okay! I watched the video, it was awesome! You're so organized... My computers just one big mess... xD

    So who are you rooting for this year? (Super Bowl)
    Haha, okay. I'm excited to see how all your comics come together. ^^ Talk to you later! :)
    Yay! Okay! Tonight in Youth Group, my youth pastor talked about why it's important that we're made in God's image. It was really good.. And I won a game, and got m&ms. xD It was kind of like Pictionary, but I wasn't drawing. I had pipe cleaners.... xD But it worked, so yeah.

    I'm finishing up my essay on Venezuela for tomorrow, and I'm also doing some sketches. My teacher really likes my drawings, so I thought maybe I'd get some extra credit if she's feeling nice. 8D
    Thank yewww. xD By the way, I loved your comic! I didn't see the video though, do you have a link? :eek:
    All sent! It's not the best, but... I did it in like 15 minutes, so I can't expect much from it. xD
    Okay! Got it this time. xD I have to edit it on picnik first, I took the picture sideways, and I also have to sharpen it so you can actually see it... xD
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