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  • Aw. xD Well that's a good idea. ^-^ I told you you're smarter than I am. xD
    I don't even understand my predicament... She's wayyyy better than I am. xD
    lol, probably. xD I gave one of my friends a drawing and now she thinks she owes me... She's better than I am, but she insists the opposite... I'm so confused, I wanna give her more, but I don't like her saying she's in debt to me... I dunno. xD
    Well there was an extra credit question that made up for the one I missed. xD Um, I guess school was good. As good as school can be, anyway. xD I drew chibi Narutos all my notes, and then I had to turn my notes in... So yeah, my teacher's gonna find all of that. xD
    Haha, yup. xD Today in my science class, there was a test, and I got 101%! 8D
    I LOVEZ IT! 8D I like Groose... "YOU'RE GROOSIN' FOR A BRUSIN'!" The scanner did a really good job, next time my parents get a printer it has to be one with a scanner... :eek:
    Yeah. :S I "unblocked" Photobucket, but when I go there, the background is all white, and the text is all messed up. It does that for DeviantArt too, and I love getting stock from there, so yeah. :(
    Math is probably my weakness... But it is pretty amazing that I'm able to do as well as I do in grammar. Both my mother and sister are Dyslexic, and my dad is just normal I suppose. xD
    Yeah there aren't very many good co-ops out there I guess. :eek: I'm so glad no one at my school knows that meme... I think I'd go insane. xD

    Yup, I do okay when it comes to grammar. Everything else... yeah that's different. xD
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